Hello! My name is Britni, I’m from Central New York, as in the state, not the city. I have a love for fashion, beauty, and art of any form dating back to as far as I can remember. I’m obsessed with celebrities. I’m currently going to college for Telecommunications, with a concentration in Radio & Television Broadcasting. I don’t have a favorite color, I like all of the ones I don’t hate =). I love dogs, celebrities, royal families, cars, movies, movies about royalty/celebrities, music, food, and good pens.

I’m horrible when it comes to setting my mind on things. I’ve been saving up for a MacBook for years, and I’ve ended up with a car, an iPad, a new wardrobe, and most recently a giant stash of nail polishes.

If I promise something, I mean it. Although you may have to remind me about that promise later, or else it’ll never be filled.

As I said, I love celebrities. Most notably, I love Good Charlotte– you know, that band that was big in 2004? Yeah, that one. I’ve been dedicated for almost 10 years. They’re my N’Sync. As what comes with rockstars, is their women. I love love LOVE Nicole Richie, and you’ll see some House of Harlow 1960 posts on here in between the other stuff. I support the actors, artists, and socialites 100%, no matter what- I can be stubborn.

I’m sure I’ll update this often, this here About page. I don’t normally stay the same for long. I get bored with life too easily, and then make a drastic change. It’s chaotic, and sometimes expensive, but such is life. C’est la vie, no?

Have an amazing time here, if it’s only for information or for fun.

I love you all!