This Didn’t Go Well | China Glaze I’m With the Lifeguard

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China Glaze I’m With the Lifeguard

Yeah, this didn’t go well… So I’m just putting this here. User error, the polish itself isn’t that bad, really.

butter LONDON Memorial Day sale!

Just a quick pop-by to let you all know that butter LONDON is having a Memorial Day sale! Go to butter LONDON and use code MemorialDay2016 to receive a whopping 30% OFF! Active Memorial Day only, so get those computer mice ready! I know I’ll be stocking up, for sure. Let me know what you guys all grab!

Britni Rose

L’Oreal Check Me Out Nail Polish | Swatch, Photos, Review

IMG_0757 IMG_0756

Ah, the clearance rack. Always a good find. Except I spend way too much money. “Oh, this is only $1.50! Oh, this is only $1.50! Oooh, THIS is only $1.50,” next thing I know, I’ve spent $30 and forgot to buy what I went in the store to get in the first place!


Aaaanyway, I got L’Oreal’s Check Me Out while it was on The Almighty Clearance Endcap at Walgreen’s. I hate pink, but this caught my eye, I bought it, came home, and put it on straight away. And you know what? I love it. The formula was very good, it’s super shimmery, but with no threat of frostiness. And it’s shiny all on it’s own. No topcoat in these pictures.

Catching Up: Maybelline ColorShow Nail Polish Limited Edition “Leather” finish

IMG_0748 IMG_0749

Sage Staple (without topcoat)

IMG_0752 IMG_0754 IMG_0753


Sage Staple (with topcoat)

Stunning color, good formula (for a matte). The flakies are beautiful and aren’t too sparse.


Mod Moss (without topcoat)


Mod Moss (with topcoat)

IMG_0746 IMG_0741


This color is absolutely perfect. So, so pretty.

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and I Herd That | Look, Photos, Review

Just a quick post to clear out some space. I quick little “look” I threw together for a job interview last week. It’s three or four slow, steady coats of Flip Flop Fantasy, and two coats of I Herd That, both from (GUESS) China Glaze.

Flip Flop Fantasy I Herd That IMG_0428 IMG_0311 IMG_0312 IMG_0310 IMG_0313If your eyes aren’t bleeding from the overload of neon coral, you can see how gorgeous I Herd That is up close?! I guess it’s patchy up close, but hey. It’s a glitter. It’s fine.

Britni Rose


China Glaze Hologlam | Sci-Fly By and Strap On Your Moonboots

IMG_8563 IMG_8566 IMG_8567

Sci-Fly By is an aqua blue holographic polish. It’s truly holographic, though not as vibrant as the OMG collection, but extremely close.

IMG_8569 IMG_8570 IMG_8571

Strap On Your Moonboots is a dark denim blue holo that is absolutely stunning. I’m obsessed with this one.

The formula on these were, as expected, perfect. 100% flawless.

Britni Rose

The Urban Decay Vice Palette | The Swatches, the Photos, the Review!

A long time coming, I know. But I’m too excited, so let’s get to it!

IMG_7458 IMG_7460 IMG_7461

Packaging | The outer cardboard box is a violet and black marble. I almost didn’t want to get rid of it! The outer surface of the palette is a blackened violet soft rubber with a rainbow graphite gem “ud” detail. The palette opens with an automatic hinge and a rectangle button. It has to be pushed rather hard to open to prevent accidental openings, but it’s still no more difficult to open than usual.

The Palette | The entire inside of the upper lid is just one huge mirror, which I love. The hinges keep the palette open for easy awesome shadow access. 20 shadows, four rows of five.




Included is a brush with this one—no eyeliner.


Desperation, Junkie, Muse, and Chaos.


Jagged, Occupy, Blitz, and Unhinged.


Blitz, Unhinged, Penny Lane, and Black Market.


Provocateur, Nevermind, Rapture, and Echo Beach.


Vice, Anonymous, Noise, and Freebird.


Noise, Freebird, Armor, and Laced.

IMG_7472Desperation | A smokey charcoal shimmer that’s super opaque.

Muse | A dark mahogany metallic with red and purple shimmer. Opaque, but can be patchy.

Jagged | A jade, gold, bronze, brown, and black glitter. Patchy but buildable. It’s actually a very nice color when over a proper cream base. Be careful of fallout though.

Blitz | A dirty blond gold. Antique gold, I’d say. Über metallic and crazy opaque. Gorgeous, but hard for me to wear.

Penny Lane | A rose gold with a strong copper lean. This isn’t straight-up copper though, like you’d assume from the name and how it appears in the pan. However, unless you’re looking at it in detail (as above), it’s hard to tell otherwise. To many it’s simply copper. But I guess I’m just picky like that.


Junkie | A deep mermaid teal. Leans more emerald though, and has gold shimmer throughout.

Chaos | A patchy and picky cobalt blue. There are many similar colors with better payoff (think Tokidoki’s blue and NARS Outremer) but I don’t have one quite so true blue. Others tend to be deeper or darker. There’s also a tiny bit of aqua glitter hidden in there.
Easily the unofficial star of this palette. Sure, there’s a color named Vice and this isn’t “The Chaos Palette,” but we all know this is the one many people snatched this up for. It’s since become a liner, too!

Occupy | A gorgeous metallic blend of silver, violet, charcoal, and blue glitter. Slightly patchy but quickly opaque. Looks really cool in person.

Unhinged | An opaque deep aqua blue. Looks darker and more green in the pan. When I first saw this, I thought “Oh great, another shadow nearly identical to Haight and Dashiki that I already have.” But no! It’s closer to Peace than the others.

Black Market | An opaque, soft, and full black. Deep, deep black. I haven’t compared it to Blackout from Naked2, but this is an amazing black shadow. It has a slight sheen to it, where Blackout is matte.



Provocateur | A mauve glitter that’s opaque in two passes. I’ve only used this one once and it was a fallout mess.

Rapture | Super opaque deep violet. More of a gray tone to it, rather than blue or red.

Vice | An opaque vivid purple. Reminds me of Lancôme’s Miss Sweetheart D, though I think that one is matte. Maybe Purple Pumps instead? One of those.

Noise | The shadow version of Woodstock. A bright magenta with a slightly blue tone to it. I don’t own the actual Woodstock shadow, but I’d assume it’s very similar.

Armor | A deep taupe gray with a lot of shimmer. Opaque but soft-looking.

IMG_7481Nevermind, Echo Beach, Anonymous, Freebird, Laced

Nevermind | (Sings Nirvana in my head) A super opaque dirty taupe. Very grunge. Very sexy. I love it. I’m sure there’s a better color to describe it. I throw this on with a red lip when my creative bucket is empty. I love this so much. I’m sure it’s name helps.

Echo Beach | A deep champagne shimmer that is absolutely perfect. UD’s formula at it’s best.

Anonymous | A matte light hightlight color. Really pretty and perfect on my skintone as a brow and inner corner highlight.

Freebird | A rather sheer pink shimmer/glitter. Lots of fallout but really pretty.

Laced | A gorgeous gorgeous pretty pretty matte mauve with perfect formula. Love. Another one of my go-to’s.

Seriously, this thing is amazing. There’s a few I’ve never used, but it’s overall super-worth the money.

$60 at Ulta, Sephora, etc.

Britni Rose