KONAD FUNTIME! | Playing with m79 and China Glaze’s Kinetic Candy and Zoya Dove

Hello everyone! My brother is in high school and currently has the Baby Think It Over. If you don’t know what it is, google it. Needless to say, I wish he’d rather have a real baby right now, and it’s 27 hours into the project. Anyways, I was bottle feeding the “baby” during this manicure, and boy, was it a fail. Although, really, it would’ve been anyway. I used an actual Konad polish and wasn’t prepared for the pickyness of it (more on that later). So… yeah. I did miss Konading though. Should get back into practice.

My… workplace injury is a little better, but it’s right on my knuckle! It’ll take a while, I think. This is China Glaze’s Kinetic Candy from their Electropop Spring 2012 Collection. It’s super gorgeous. On my ring finger I have the ever-so-trusty Zoya Dove.

And here we have white happy puffy clouds stamped over Kinetic Candy with Konad Special White polish, and stormy clouds printed over Dove with China Glaze Concrete Catwalk. Which is kind of sheer to stamp with, but I thought it’d be better than Recycle. I still find it too harsh to look like “real” spring storm clouds. Stamping with the Konad polish was different, and the clouds are too big to fit comfortably in any direction. The polish wasn’t bad, in fact it was easier, but it’s just not what I’m used to. A lot of people at work and around the workplace (well, I work at a theater in a mall.) loved it, but I wasn’t too big on it. I’m too much of a perfectionist (except when it comes to cleanup) and that middle finger was glaring at me.

Here’s the other hand, which went ever so slightly better. Or worse, depending on how quickly you noticed the absence of the “stormy” nail. I got distracted while painting and noticed as I was stamping that they were all blue. I went with it. Too bad the stormy one wasn’t my ring finger. That’d send a message, I think. 😉 And yes, that’s another boo boo. XD I’m covered in cardboard cuts.

I was feeling spring-y so I went for it! I like it, but I wasn’t happy with the quality. Kinetic Candy was phenomenal. And it looked pretty good on me as well. I’ve already reviewed Dove, I think…. but if not, it’s a super dreamy medium-light gray. Kinetic Candy is a robins-egg-blue color with some gray in there. Less green than For Audrey types, and less gray than Sea Spray, but only just. In fact, think of Sea Spray without the shimmer, and a touch more blue. All colors mentioned here are must haves.

Have a nice day!

~ Britni Rose

China Glaze Electropop: Gaga For Green | Photos and Review

Hi! I disappeared again, I’m sorry! I’ve actually been swatching and photographing a bunch of stuff, reorganizing everything to make it easier to locate and blog. So, I’ve been working on here, but just not… posting. You know, the important part. :/

I chopped my nails off, not sure if I told you guys that… They’re sad and uneven due to a bunch of breaks due to car repair, spring cleaning, etc. Oh yeah, I’ve been super productive lately.

ANYWAY, China Glaze Gaga For Green is a light and bright grass green creme that is positively… gaga. Nowhere’s near neon, in fact, this picture is 100% accurate. It went on super smooth, and as you can see, I had some issues on my pinky, but it was opaque in two coats, this is three – except my pinky.

As for wear? It’s perfect. I wore it for a full week. It didn’t chip at all, actually. After six or seven days, I was in the shower and it just… peeled off. It was weird and pretty cool. A nice alternative to ugly cracks and chips.

My cuticles are starting to look better! This is with flash. This shows the opaqueness of three coats vs. two coats (two coats being on my pinky.)

Have a wonderful day! I have lots of material coming up!

~Britni Rose

China Glaze Make Some Noise | Photos and Review


Make Some Noise is a coral, leaning on red. It applied absolutely perfectly, a little sheer on the first coat, but perfect by the second. I did however put a third on my right hand just to see if the color became bolder.  I did, and so I suggest you do the same. Because this color is amazing.

This picture is a tad bit more true to color, but it’s still a touch pinker.


Next up: Gaga For Green! Have a nice day!

~ Britni Rose

China Glaze Electric Beat | Electropop Collection Spring 2012 — Photos and Review

Look! I made a deadline I set myself! I also remembered and completed a project for an online class – ahead of time! I’m so on point. To celebrate, let’s look at pretty colors. This is Electric Beat from China Glaze’s long-awaited Electropop collection for Spring 2012. If you remember I posted swatches the other day. I picked this up at Sally’s the other day.

Electric Beat is a dusty cornflower blue. This is the exact description of cornflower blue. Not the crayola version either. Application was perfect, the color can pull out the pink in my skin, so it may not be the most flattering on me, but it’s so pretty that no one notices my lobster hands. I’ve gotten more complements on this color than any of the hundreds I’ve worn before.

This is with three days wear. There’s a chip on my index finger that started with a dent during drying.

I know this isn’t technically a macro shot (it’s just cropped) but it gets rid of all the hullabaloo so you can see the glorious creaminess of this polish.

I still want the other blues and Gaga For Green… maybe soon… I’m starting to save up now for the Colours of the Capitol collection.

Have a wonderful Friday!

~ Britni Rose

China Glaze Electropop Collection (Partial)

So this is the most fail-tastic post of all, I think. My camera deleted pictures without my permission (or I pushed some buttons…) and got rid of my swatches, so I only had my “four day wear test” pictures of Wicked Style, so I am going to use just the wear test pictures… and they aren’t that bad!

First up!

Dance Baby is a bright bubblegum pink. It’s not neon, but it’s bright. I hate how cremes get that foggy look to them with this topcoat, but it’s all I have right now. Like I said, this is after FOUR days of heavy wear and tear.

I hate not having a lightbox, because the flash washes me out, but this makes my skin looks super tan and lush and happy. I don’t know if you remember my winter-dry-hands-of-woe before, but I’m nursing my sad little hands back to health, slowly. The fact that we’re barely having a winter is helping.

Sunshine Pop is a bold yellow with white shimmer. I loved this polish. I hate the color yellow, and I have yellow toned skin, so I REALLY hate yellow nail polish, but this one looked amazing on me. It pulled out the pink, which (on camera) resulted in lobster hands, but looked amazing IRL. My cuticles are a mess, so it looks like it pooled, but it didn’t, I promise. More on that later. MORE PICTURES!

There, a more respectable shot of my cuticles. And as for the tip wear? This was taken after four days. I know I keep repeating it because, well… frankly, I’m amazed I could keep the polish on for that long. Three times! Usually it’s half chipped off, I get angry and take it off. This collection wears so well, even compared to some of my favorite China Glazes.

Shade. The wrinkle on the index finger is from a “an itch! Oh, crap… wet nails…” episode.

Wicked Style is a bright medium fuchsia. The color in the bottle in the picture below is the most accurate here. Like as before, this is after four days of wear. It’s a tad bit sheer in pictures, but I didn’t notice that in person.

The application of all three of these was pretty good. The yellow and bright color were a little streaky, as expected with those type of colors. The brushes on these bottles were strange. They were… stiffer(?) than usual… They were kind of wonky. These are press samples though, so maybe the production brushes will be different. It wan’t that much of a problem, it just made me have to do a little more cleanup, which you guys know I don’t do. Ever. 🙂

Which of the Electropop collection are you waiting for? I want the blues and green… maybe even the purple… I don’t own any purple nail polishes, besides glittery ones like Mummy May I…

~ Britni Rose


(These were sent to me for review. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy)

China Glaze Officially Announces Its Electropop Spring Collection!

Los Angeles, CA – (November 2011): Where heavy metal meets rocker chic, China Glaze® introduces the Spring 2012 collection, ElectroPop. Inspired by all things girly, edgy and fun, the 12 shades of ElectroPop bring out the inner rock star in all. For flash and glam this spring, China Glaze® hits the stage in style!

ElectroPop Shades include:

  • Kinetic Candy – Touch the sky in light blue crème
  • Electric Beat – Periwinkle nails for a wink worthy performance
  • Aquadelic – Pool blue for nighttime gigs and daytime fun in the sun
  • Gaga For Green – Green lacquer for the girl craving the limelight
  • Sunshine Pop – Shine in the spotlight in bold yellow
  • Make Some Noise – Rock the mic in tangerine
  • Wicked Style – Party cocktail tropical punch
  • Fuchsia Fanatic – Fuchsia pink for the rocker diva in us all
  • Gothic Lolita – Steal the show on girls night out in seductive purple
  • Dance Baby – Hit center stage in cotton candy pink
  • Sweet Hook – Blow a kiss in dreamy lilac
  • Techno – Glitter confetti polish for a dazzling topcoat finish or all over finger tip bling

ElectroPop is also available in:

  • 6 Piece Collection of “Brights”: Techno, Aquadelic, Sunshine Pop, Gaga for Green, Make Some Noise and Wicked Style
  • 6 Piece Collection of “Lights”: Fuchsia Fanatic, Dance Baby, Electric Beat, Kinetic Candy, Sweet Hook and Gothic Lolita
  • 12 Piece 3D Counter Display
  • 36 Piece Rack



ElectroPop will be available February 2012. Individual shades retail for $7; 6 piece collections retail for $42.

China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde. China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, visit: http://www.chinaglaze.com or follow China Glaze on Facebook and Twitter: http://twitter.com/ChinaGlaze

China Glaze is a division of American International Industries.