Cookies and Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip

I did this look when it was super hot here in central New York and I was in the mood for ice cream. I had also just gotten my Nicole by OPI Pitch Black Glimmer in the mail, so this brainchild came about. I wanted a cookies and cream color, but only had nude colors. So I used Zoya’s Shay, which I got in my June(?) Birchbox. (Oh, which I have to post. Thanks for reminding me…) which is a nice beige shimmery color. Very mannequin hands with a twist. Then I used two coats of Pitch Back Glimmer, then one coat of Seche Vite. Which I no longer use. More on that later. I loved this look, but it wasn’t quite right. It didn’t really look like what I wanted it to… So I tried this:


This summer I went through a mint chocolate chip phase. I bought the entire Bath and Bodywork summer collection of the scent, and I ate TCBY’s froyo every day. Now I can’t stand the smell. Ugh. Well, in the midst of that mini-obsession, I did this, about a week after the Cookies and Cream semi-disaster. I used China Glaze Re Fresh-Mint and Nicole by OPI’s Pitch Black Glimmer. This was much more ice cream-y than the CnC one. My bottle of Re Fresh-Mint has a wonky brush and a crappy formula, so I wasn’t a happy camper with the application, but I kinda like the end result. I’m going to end this though, because seeing that picture is making me nauseous. NO MORE MINT FROZEN YOGURT. Pretty sure I have nightmares about the stuff. Bleh.


So, overall, I kinda liked these looks, but in the end they weren’t that great. The black glitter is mixed with holo and silver glitter, and what little black glitter you get on the nail is just too tiny to make any sense. It’s a good glitter topcoat, but just not good for use as chocolate chips. Have you ever tried ice cream related looks? What summer themed looks have you done?


~ Britni Rose


China Glaze Haul! Photos, Swatches

This is going to be a quick post. Photos, some knowledge of the color, and that’s it. I’ll get more in depth with these colors once I wear them again. WARNING: Messy cuticles ahead!

China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint | A minty green, the color in this picture is accurate. All of these pictures are messy because I was in a hurry. This is messiest because the formula sucks. It’s all bubbly and icky and thick. Mints always do this to me. ALWAYS. I’ve tried all sorts of combinations of basecoats and topcoats and wait times in between each coat, and I’m pretty sure it’s my personal chemistry vs. mint pastel greens.

China Glaze Fifth Avenue | Another Audrey Hepburn-obsession acquisition. I know this probably has nothing to do with Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But I am a sucker for both names and packaging. I’ll buy something I hate if it looks cute. On top of the awesome name, this is an amazing polish. This is ONE medium coat. It’s super glossy, quick drying, completely even and opaque. Excellent consistency and texture. The color dried slightly darker than the bottle color, as you’ll see. The color seems a little “old,” but I’ll wear it in the fall. It reminds me of home. Not sure why. It just glided on the nail and went where it was supposed to. Excellent formula.

China Glaze Innocence | Innocence is a sheer pink french manicure type color. The picture above is with four coats. The first coat was super uneven, with barely any color. Second coat, high shine, some color, slightly uneven. At four coats it was at a perfect jelly finish, nearly opaque, and a tolerable VNL. Five coats will probably bring her up to be fully opaque.

China Glaze Strawberry Fields | I only bought this because it’s a basic. Just like For Audrey, or a holographic. If you’re going to call yourself a China Glaze collector, you better have this one. It’s a pink shimmer with gold glass flecks. GORGEOUS. This was two coats, with some VNL.

China Glaze Seduce Me | I don’t see the point of this picture, it’s nothing close to the real thing. This looks red. It’s a gorgeous wine color. It’s actually my favorite color ever. Nearly perfect in one coat, this is shown with two. The polish just went where it’s supposed to, no mess or anything.