China Glaze Hologram from the Tronica Collection | Swatches, Photos, and Review


China Glaze Hologram from the Tronica Collection. Easily one of my all-time favorite collections. Formula is perfect, the color is wearable… I’m not a silver fan, but I find myself wearing it a lot lately.


Holographic Roundup: China Glaze Cyberspace | Swatches, Photos, and Review

IMG_7853 IMG_7854 IMG_7855 IMG_7856

Cyberspace is a taupe holographic that leans towards the nude/beige side of taupe. The holographic particles in this are scattered, which for holo newbies means that it doesn’t form a line of color making a rainbow, instead it’s a more scattered, yet still a faint rainbow shape. The holographic factor in this one is a little weak. But it’s there and it’s still a very pretty polish. The thing I like about the Tronica collection is that even if you take the holographic-ness away, it still looks sandy without the texture. I know texture is a big thing now, but it’s a trend and will be done soon. This polish will always be gorgeous.

Britni Rose

NOTD: Nubar Reclaim from the Going Green Collection — Photos, Reviews, and Swatches

Happy Holo Holiday Weekend! This came in the mail yesterday, and I was so excited, I took off my Fourth of July manicure before taking pictures… But it was China Glaze Frostbite with Fairy Dust over it on my ring fingers… cuz, you know, it looked like fireworks. I know, I’m an artistic genius. Anyway, this came in the mail but I was in a hurry, so I painted my nails at work. Yep.

COLOR: It’s a medium green holographic. The green is on the blue side, rather than the yellow, but is pretty much a true green. Think the color of a mint leaf or a light Fir tree. The picture above is 100% accurate for the color. The holo effect is much more intense in real life though.

FORMULA & APPLICATION: The polish was thin, but not watery, and smooth. What surprised me was that it wasn’t foggy or flat when it dried. It’s super glossy and has depth. Application was a dream, as with the China Glaze Tronica and OMG collections. Two medium coats makes it completely opaque. Dried super quick.

WEAR: With the Tronica and OMG collection, I had chips and catastrophic tip wear within hours. I’ve been texting, emailing, and typing like a fiend, and in the 24 hours I’ve worn this, there is absolutely no tip wear and no chips. And that’s with no base or top coat.

I love this polish. It’s great for Konad as well. I’ll be stocking up on another bottle of this. This is my first Nubar polish. I have the 2010 topcoat, but have never had a polish of theirs. Also, as a non-carcinogenic alternative to Seche Vite, I’ll be investing in the Foundation/Diamont duo.


China Glaze Tronica Laser Lime Wear Test

Look at the rainbow-y goodness!

Here is the wear after four days with China Glaze Laser Lime from the Tronica collection. Tip wear is pretty extreme, but the one on my index finger was a boo boo from opening up a package. The industrial glue-tape-gunk melted my polish off. It was scary. I actually didn’t notice any wear because of the color of the polish. Even now when I look down I can’t see it, and no one else can either but my crazy awesome camera can catch it. Still, I love this polish. I just got a new one in the mail today! I’m so excited!

The wear was pretty normal for me, if not longer lasting than usual. This was with no basecoat, either, so I think that’s pretty awesome. I honestly don’t think there’s anything negative to say about this polish at all… Well, I’m off to go change my polish now!

China Glaze Tronica Collection: Laser Lime- Swatches, Review, Photos

two coats, one coat Seche Vite, no basecoat

Now we’re rockin’! China Glaze Laser Lime from the Tronica collection, is a bright spring green with holographic glitter. Now, this is a Sally Beauty exclusive, I believe, because instead of getting Anchors Away, Sally is getting Tronica and Treasures. I picked up Laser Lime and Cyberspace. (Along with 8 OTHER POLISHES) as part of their Buy 2, get 1 free sale through April. I immediately put this on, I was so glad to get rid of Essie Borrowed & Blue. This color is… phenominal. Not only in general, but on me. I can’t believe that the Sally Tronica display was FULL. It’s been full for a month or two now! I bought the first ones. And I know why– in the bottle, this look gorgeous, but not holographic at. all. If you bring a bottle over to the window, still no holo. But I figured, it’s still so so pretty in the bottle, with the way the glitter is (how it looks in the picture above) that it’s so worth it. So I only got two from this collection, but will be returning to get the rest of it because, when you hit just the right lighting, you get a full on scattered holographic rainbow in your nails. You mostly can see the yellow and orange due to the base colors warmness, but there are the other ROYGBIV colors in there too. It applied like a dream, I didn’t use a basecoat, and it just glided on and dried, with no issues. I have no lumps, bumps, dents, or bubbles. Perfect polish. I’m so happy.

Final Verdict: Go buy this and the rest of the collection now. But not before I do. Don’t you dare take my polishes. >:D