Catching Up: Old Maybelline Quads

IMG_0676 IMG_0706

300 Sea Sprite | Absolutely beautiful shades. It’s actually impressive how often I use the greens from this palette. The gold isn’t as impressive, but is still nice.

IMG_0668 IMG_0702

120 Violet Femmes | Once again, beautiful pigmentation on these. Can’t say I’ve used this one, since, uh… I’ve misplaced it.

Britni Rose


ALMAY Shadow Softies in 135 Peach Fuzz and 160 Midnight Sky | Swatches, Photos, Review

IMG_0679 IMG_0682 IMG_0680 IMG_0687 IMG_0710

ALMAY Shadow Softies in 160 Midnight Sky
Midnight Sky is a shimmery, metallic dark cobalt. Not as dark as Navy, not as bright as Cobalt. Sapphire, maybe? Either way, it’s gorgeous and has amazing pigmentation.

ALMAY Shadow Softies in 135 Peach Fuzz 
Peach Fuzz is a true peach in the pan, but is more pink when swatched. It’s almost a rose gold. A warm shimmery pink. Absolutely amazing.

Lancôme new shadows for fall | Swatches, Photos, Review


611 Attitude | is a soft and opaque lustrous chrome-dark-silver-ish shimmer.

407 Fashion Do | is a super sparkly navy, almost cobalt, with silver and midnight pieces mixed in. It’s not completely opaque, but the color is worth a little work. I would be concerned about fallout.

313 Statement Piece | is a pure glam chic mess of lavender and electric purple and about a thousand other colors it feels like. Would definitely worry about fallout with this one.

All three are available for $19 at department stores now. Attitude is a must-have, and the other two will be amazing for holiday time.

Britni Rose

Stila Eyeshadows in Poppy, Mimosa, and Terracotta | Photos, Swatches, Review

IMG_7256 IMG_7258

Mimosa is a bright fire orange shimmer with lemonade colored glitter particles that show up, mostly in the pan.

Poppy is a robin’s egg blue shimmer that’s just really, really simple and clean.

Terracotta is a vivid, mega-intense, burgundy. It’s too intense, I can’t even. Perfect smokey eye color for green, or maybe even blue eyes.

All three colors are so intensely pigmented, it’s crazy. They’re HUGE, as far as eyeshadows go. They’re magnetic, so they fit perfectly into the magnetic Stila palettes. The only downside of these shadows is that if you want that sheer wash of color for spring or summer, you have to be super light handed. The swatches above are with barely touching the pan, and only swiping once.

Britni Rose

Clinique Eyeshadow Duo from their December(?) Gift

Hi guys! Found these pictures hiding, decided to make a quick post out of them while my family sets the table for dinner.

IMG_7624 IMG_7625

The shadows are soft and have okay pigmentation. Not the highest quality, and there are many drugstore shadows that are cheaper and better quality. The pink is way too pink for me, and looks too preppy bubblegum deluxe. Though it’s not too far off from some of my favorite Urban Decay and Lancôme shadows, Sin and Kitten Heel, respectively. So… I guess I don’t understand… maybe the amount of pearl is a little too high. The brown isn’t even worth mentioning. These were swatched twice for both of them.

Have a nice night!

Britni Rose