Cookies and Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip

I did this look when it was super hot here in central New York and I was in the mood for ice cream. I had also just gotten my Nicole by OPI Pitch Black Glimmer in the mail, so this brainchild came about. I wanted a cookies and cream color, but only had nude colors. So I used Zoya’s Shay, which I got in my June(?) Birchbox. (Oh, which I have to post. Thanks for reminding me…) which is a nice beige shimmery color. Very mannequin hands with a twist. Then I used two coats of Pitch Back Glimmer, then one coat of Seche Vite. Which I no longer use. More on that later. I loved this look, but it wasn’t quite right. It didn’t really look like what I wanted it to… So I tried this:


This summer I went through a mint chocolate chip phase. I bought the entire Bath and Bodywork summer collection of the scent, and I ate TCBY’s froyo every day. Now I can’t stand the smell. Ugh. Well, in the midst of that mini-obsession, I did this, about a week after the Cookies and Cream semi-disaster. I used China Glaze Re Fresh-Mint and Nicole by OPI’s Pitch Black Glimmer. This was much more ice cream-y than the CnC one. My bottle of Re Fresh-Mint has a wonky brush and a crappy formula, so I wasn’t a happy camper with the application, but I kinda like the end result. I’m going to end this though, because seeing that picture is making me nauseous. NO MORE MINT FROZEN YOGURT. Pretty sure I have nightmares about the stuff. Bleh.


So, overall, I kinda liked these looks, but in the end they weren’t that great. The black glitter is mixed with holo and silver glitter, and what little black glitter you get on the nail is just too tiny to make any sense. It’s a good glitter topcoat, but just not good for use as chocolate chips. Have you ever tried ice cream related looks? What summer themed looks have you done?


~ Britni Rose

Moon Manicure Fail

This didn’t live long enough to see a topcoat or any clean up. It was never intended to stay on, it was just an experiment. An experiment that failed. Miserably. Horribly. I didn’t put the stickers right, I didn’t wait long enough, I picked horrendous color combos. Ugh. FAIL. FAIL. This is a fail.

The base was like 3 coats of Milani 3D Holographic HD, the red is Zoya Kirsti, the blue is China Glaze Shower Together.

I’m not going to elaborate on this too much. I feel embarassed. =)

Essie Borrowed & Blue NOTD– Swatch, Review, Photos

basecoat, two coats, top coat

First off, this is not what’s on my nails now. Why? Because it was a fail. Essie hates me. However, this is one of the prettiest colors I’ve ever seen. Essie Borrowed & Blue is a light, pastel, eggshell blue creme. I’ve been looking at extremely light colors like China Glaze Bahamian Escape and OPI What’s With The Cattitude? I went to Ulta to pick up some of the Shrek collection and missed it by one. day. So, I was wondering aimlessly, mourning the loss of the perfect spring pastel blue, when I spotted the Essie Borrowed & Blue display. There were some pinks and whites, and THIS. This beautiful, pastel bottle of perfection. I ran home and rubbed China Glaze’s GR8 out of existance and put this on.

And that’s about where the awesome stopped. The formula SUCKED. It was so patchy and goopy, even for a thin, even coat. After two coats it became opaque, but it took almost 45 minutes to dry– with a coat of Seche Vite! Then I had to rush around and find my work pants, and totally messed up my pinky nail. So I took it off and tried reapplying with out a basecoat, and guess what? One coat, completely opaque, dried with no issues completely in 10 minutes. (Click on the picture above and compare ring finger to pinky). Now, I had the same exact issue with Nice Is Nice, so I’m going to try that color again with no basecoat. That seems to be the trick.

Final Verdict: Excellent color, opacity, and dry time– with no basecoat. If you use a basecoat, you get a gloopy, messy ick on your nails. (Compare ring finger to pinky)