Wet N Wild Fergie Collection Nail Polish: Glowstick | Swatches, Photos, Review


Glowstick is a bright lime green with gold shimmer.


The picture above shows some visible nail line and brushstrokes, which you can’t see in person. This color is so, so, so pretty! It’s so bright, and the formula is so nice. It’s like butter. And the price?! I’ll be buying more of Fergie’s collection with Wet N Wild. Not only does WnW have their A-game out, but Fergie is just such a girl after my own heart. I don’t hold extremely high hopes for the more boring polishes in the collection, but we’ll just have to see for ourselves, won’t we?

Britni Rose

China Glaze Running In Circles from the Cirque du Soleil Collection | Swatches, Photos, and Review

Quick post tonight, this is Running In Circles from the recent Cirque collection. I love this entire collection. Except that cupcake looking one that everyone was obsessed with.

IMG_7313 IMG_7314

Running In Circles is a grass green glitter with lighter green and emerald glitter thrown in. Super sparkly. Beyond gorgeous. Perfect formula, I believe this was just two coats.

IMG_7315CHINA GLAZE Running in Circles VS. Zoya Ivanka | RiC on index and ring finger, Ivanka on middle and pinkie.

I really thought they’d be more similar, but it turns out they’re nothing alike. I thought the green was the same, but Ivanka is way more blue based, and obviously is Zoya’s signature  “sparkle” finish. I believe owning both is justified and both of these are probably my two favorite greens I own.

Britni Rose


China Glaze eCollection | Photos, Swatches, and Review

Good morning! I have some swatches of an older collection from our dear China Glaze, 2008 to be precise! I’m missing one of the polishes, and I don’t know how or why.


Recycle is described as a “rain cloud gray” by China Glaze, and I’ve actually used it as rain clouds before. It’s a gray creme that isn’t completely opaque, but not a jelly, giving it a misty look to it. Not sure if that’s intentional or not, though. It’s actually the other half of my first China Glaze polish. I ordered it along with For Audrey, so those two are my firsts. It was one of few grays out for a while, which was ahead of the trend that took the world by storm in ’10-’11.


Shower Together is a “sky blue” creme. Sheer and streaky and patchy and hard to build. There are many polishes this color with better formulas. Somehow I have two of these, and this swatch, taken just the other day, is the first time I’ve worn it. Not much to say about this one. Disappointing.


Solar Power is a “sunshine yellow” shimmer, which for a yellow, doesn’t have the worst formula ever. Still a little uneven and streaky, the shimmer is pretty. Doesn’t look good on my hands, but it’s sister yellow, Sunshine Pop from the Electropop collection is my favorite yellow.


Tree Hugger is described as “fresh cut grass” green. I mean, I’ve never seen grass that light colored before. But I get the point. Tree Hugger is a pretty spring green with light green shimmer. Looks pretty in pictures but horrendous, on me, in person. Looks cheap and gaudy on my hands, but a pretty color on others.


Unplugged is a “metallic bark.” Metallic bark? Okay, now I think they’re stretching! It’s a luxurious warm dark brown, slightly glowy. Almost a dark bronze, if that makes sense. If you look super close, you can see some slight streaking, but it’s not visible to the average eye. I hate browns on my nails, because it ages my hands, but this is red enough to look good. Wonderful formula. Really, really nice.

Now, Hybrid is the only one I don’t have. Hybrid is described as a “shimmering sand.” If you look up swatches, it’s totally a color I’d love. I think the only reason I don’t have it so far is because whenever I’m in Sally’s, it’s out of stock.

Do you have any of this collection? I’m only one polish away from owning a complete collection. I usually don’t buy the pinks or reds, so I don’t have complete collections.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
Britni Rose

Long time, no see! China Glaze Starboard | Photos and Review

Hey guys! Wicked busy summer, and hopefully a busy fall as well. Waiting for a phone call for a second job so I can afford to eat, and applying to a local school to start my Bachelor’s  in the spring. Let me know in the comments what you’ve guys have been up to! I’m looking forward to backyard campfires and my brother’s senior year of football. It’s been a family practice of ours for 8 years now. It’s really sad… At his homecoming game we’ll be walked across the field with him and my mother and I will be given roses. I’ll be crying a lot this year.


So, that’s what’s been going on with my life. Working, saying goodbye to summer, hello to to the final year of high school football and the school district in general. So to celebrate this goodbye to summer, I wanted to wear a beautiful grass green. I chose China Glaze Starboard, which is a perfect deep grass green that has a muted, faded, natural look to it. Starboard is from the Anchors Away collection of a few seasons ago.




Starboard is so absolutely gorgeous, it’s painful. It applies like a dream, stays on forever without chipping, and glossy like there’s no tomorrow. Absolutely amazing. This is  polish that every girl need in her collection. I don’t have another color that’s identical. You’ve got to get the real deal.

I’ve got a bunch of small posts like this, but I’m still going to post what I have from the On Safari collection and the two polishes I have of the New Bohemian collection.

Sorry for being so absent, guys! Have a wonderful day!


Britni Rose

I Won a Contest! Sally Girl Spring 2012 Scented Pastels Collection — Swatches and Review

I won a contest! haha! I entered my cloud manicure to Sally Girl’s Facebook page. And I won! I was so excited. When I got these in the mail I was super excited. I swatched the yellow one first… then I realized that I shouldn’t have. The entire collection is scented. Yellow isn’t lemon – that’d be awesome. Instead it’s one of the 7 scents that make me puke instantly. Banana. The other scents that make me sick are cherry, grape, coconut, and wintergreen. These really are gorgeous colors though. So let’s see them.

Banana | Yep, this one is scented like banana. Strongly. It’s fine if you like the scent, in fact all of them are, just not for me. It smells like that really hard candy that’s shaped like a banana. I think it’s a Wonka candy… the color is pretty. A shimmery pastel yellow. The shimmer is really just a slight pearl. It is pretty. It’s a shame it makes me so sick.

Cherry | Number two on the list of “Scents That Make Britni Sick” is Cherry, which is less of a cherry color and more of a fuchsia. This one had good coverage and the scent wasn’t that bad. But I couldn’t keep this on more than the 5 minutes that it took to paint and picture it. 😦 Another pretty color.

Coconut | Third scent in the collection that is also on my “do not smell” list. But this is a really pretty color. This is a white-blue. What I mean is that it’s like sky blue, but whiter.

Grape | Another scent I can’t stand. This is probably one of my favorites of the bunch though, it’s super creamy and soft. VERY spring. It’s a grayer purple, not very vibrant.

Lime | Yes! A color AND a scent that is irresistible. This smells so delicious. Like a Tic Tac or something. And the color is really close to China Glaze’s Gaga for Green or Tree Hugger in that it’s a yellow based light-medium green. It has gorgeous blue shimmer and is super shiny without topcoat.

Orange | Another super pretty one! The scent is the generic orange scent you get from Pledge or Tic Tacs. This orange is just a basic yellow-leaning neutral orange. This was one of the more opaque ones in the group.

So that’s the collection. The entire collection is super streaky, but it’s not intolerable. All here are shown with two coats, but three would make them mostly opaque. I’ll be keeping Lime and Orange, but the others will be going to a new home, where they’ll be loved by two adorable little girls.

Have a wonderful day!

~ Britni Rose

St. Patricks Day Manicure | China Glaze Four Leaf Clover | Photos, Review

So, to get myself feeling all Irish-y (I’m very much Italian, but there’s at least 40% Irish in here somewhere.), I watch this movie with Cillian Murphy, called The Wind That Shakes the Barley. It’s really good. It’s on the Netflix Instant Queue if you want to watch it. It’s worth it. I know I’m a few days late, but I feel like sharing anyway. Here was my St. Patty’s manicure.

Messy, messy. Someday I’ll get it right. Anyway, this is China Glaze Four Leaf Clover, stamped with Bundle Monster plate M71 using Konad White. It was simple, and I don’t own any Kelly Green clothing so… this is how I got my green on. And this color is less blue. It is the color of a… four leaf clover.

A little bit better, color-wise. Isn’t it strange how the super white Konad Special Polish turned a light green? I didn’t mean that, and I’m so glad it happened! It looks a lot better than the stark white that it was.

Have a wonderful day!

~ Britni Rose

China Glaze Electropop: Gaga For Green | Photos and Review

Hi! I disappeared again, I’m sorry! I’ve actually been swatching and photographing a bunch of stuff, reorganizing everything to make it easier to locate and blog. So, I’ve been working on here, but just not… posting. You know, the important part. :/

I chopped my nails off, not sure if I told you guys that… They’re sad and uneven due to a bunch of breaks due to car repair, spring cleaning, etc. Oh yeah, I’ve been super productive lately.

ANYWAY, China Glaze Gaga For Green is a light and bright grass green creme that is positively… gaga. Nowhere’s near neon, in fact, this picture is 100% accurate. It went on super smooth, and as you can see, I had some issues on my pinky, but it was opaque in two coats, this is three – except my pinky.

As for wear? It’s perfect. I wore it for a full week. It didn’t chip at all, actually. After six or seven days, I was in the shower and it just… peeled off. It was weird and pretty cool. A nice alternative to ugly cracks and chips.

My cuticles are starting to look better! This is with flash. This shows the opaqueness of three coats vs. two coats (two coats being on my pinky.)

Have a wonderful day! I have lots of material coming up!

~Britni Rose

NOTD: Saban Greenhouse

Hello! Stepping away from the fashion stuff for today. I recently ordered some polishes from Etsy sellers Dollish Polish (review coming soon!) and Saban. This one here is from the latter, and I bought two others with it. And one perk from ordering from her? She sends an free bottle of another of her polishes! Completely at random, too! It’s awesome, to say the least. And her polishes are nearly perfect. My only complaint? The mini bottles have short brushes. Honestly, that’s the only complaint. But the formula is so easy to work with that it’s not even a major issue!

Greenhouse is a medium sea foam green shimmer with holographic glitter in it. It’s so hard to describe holographic polishes because you get distracted by the glitter. Or is that just me? Oh well. Greenhouse stays holo even in the lowest of light conditions, and it’s a linear holo, which means it forms and actual rainbow, rather than spotty rainbow chunks. Like I said, application was easy even despite the brush, the color is gorgeous, it dries quickly to a super glossy finish. These are shown with one coat of Fast Forward, but that was just to take away some of the sticky feeling you get when you don’t use one. I’m rambling. Here’s some more pictures.