China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and I Herd That | Look, Photos, Review

Just a quick post to clear out some space. I quick little “look” I threw together for a job interview last week. It’s three or four slow, steady coats of Flip Flop Fantasy, and two coats of I Herd That, both from (GUESS) China Glaze.

Flip Flop Fantasy I Herd That IMG_0428 IMG_0311 IMG_0312 IMG_0310 IMG_0313If your eyes aren’t bleeding from the overload of neon coral, you can see how gorgeous I Herd That is up close?! I guess it’s patchy up close, but hey. It’s a glitter. It’s fine.

Britni Rose


China Glaze Hologlam | Sci-Fly By and Strap On Your Moonboots

IMG_8563 IMG_8566 IMG_8567

Sci-Fly By is an aqua blue holographic polish. It’s truly holographic, though not as vibrant as the OMG collection, but extremely close.

IMG_8569 IMG_8570 IMG_8571

Strap On Your Moonboots is a dark denim blue holo that is absolutely stunning. I’m obsessed with this one.

The formula on these were, as expected, perfect. 100% flawless.

Britni Rose

Zoya Aurora | Photos, Swatches, Review

Once again, I’m going to rapid-post to try and catch up with myself. I’ve been swatching all along, but have had zero time to blog. Here’s Aurora from Zoya’s Ornate collection.

IMG_7718 IMG_7719


Aurora is a red berry with scattered, fairly good sized holographic glitter pieces. It’s not a condensed or well-established holo, it’s just a really, really nice sparkle that explodes with color when it hits the light. One of my all-time favorites. Excellent formula as well. A must-have in my opinion.

IMG_7760 IMG_7761

This is after four days of wear with one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward.

Britni Rose

Zoya Swatches: Aurora, Song, and Wednesday | Swatches, Review, and Photos

Hey guys! A few Zoya’s I’ve gotten recently. Part of their three-free deal where you just pay shipping? Yeah, that one.

IMG_7718 IMG_7719 IMG_7760 IMG_7761

Aurora is a red violet jelly with lots of holographic glitter. It’s so sparkly, and even when the holographic properties are hidden, the silver glitter that’s left is super noticable and pretty. It’s a cool polish, no matter what light you’re in. This is just a really, really nice polish. Also,  the last two pictures are after four days wear and just one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat.




Song is a dark cobalt blue to the naked eye, but when light hits that shimmer? OH MY GOD. This is the best nail polish of all time, ever. The application was better than butter, I had literally no cleanup, it was so creamy and gorgeous. It only gets better as it lights up on camera. Seriously, guys, just go buy this. NOW. ASAP. Ugh. So pretty.IMG_7316Wednesday is a green turquoise, not too unlike Mermaid Tears from OPI, but Mermaid Tears is dustier. There’s a bit of fan issue with the formula, in case you didn’t notice. It’s too thick, but it’s also watery at the same time. It’s thick, but not creamy, I guess is what I’m trying to say. It’s hard to keep it off your cuticles, and it’s so, so uneven. You’d have to do like five of the worlds thinest coats to have this behave. I also have it’s sister in the collection, Zuza. Which I haven’t tried yet, I don’t think.

Alright guys. Go buy Song and maybe even Aurora, stat. You can skip Wednesday, though. I also bought Logan from the Ornate collection (I think that’s what Aurora is from?), but I still need to get Storm, Blaze, and Ziv.

Britni Rose


Holographic Roundup: China Glaze GR8 | Swatches, Photos, and Review

IMG_7825 IMG_7826 IMG_7828

GR8 is a yellow gold linear holographic from the OMG Collection. As with the rest of the OMG collection, the holographic in these are super strong and very linear. Now… I hate gold on my hands. It really just doesn’t look great on me. I prefer bronzes and bright colors. But it was on clearance!

Britni Rose

Holographic Roundup: China Glaze Cyberspace | Swatches, Photos, and Review

IMG_7853 IMG_7854 IMG_7855 IMG_7856

Cyberspace is a taupe holographic that leans towards the nude/beige side of taupe. The holographic particles in this are scattered, which for holo newbies means that it doesn’t form a line of color making a rainbow, instead it’s a more scattered, yet still a faint rainbow shape. The holographic factor in this one is a little weak. But it’s there and it’s still a very pretty polish. The thing I like about the Tronica collection is that even if you take the holographic-ness away, it still looks sandy without the texture. I know texture is a big thing now, but it’s a trend and will be done soon. This polish will always be gorgeous.

Britni Rose

Holographic Roundup: China Glaze 2NITE | Swatches, Photos, and Review

So this is like a little mini-series that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I have so many holographic polishes that sometimes I forget about them. So I’ve gathered them all up, swatched them all, and lined them up for publishing. So here’s the first, and my favorite!


2NITE is a cornflower blue holographic. This is an extreme holographic. It’s not a faint ring of color. It’s absolutely showstopping. People will ask about it, even if they know nothing about nail polish. That tends to happen when you wear rainbows on your nails. The base color itself is so flattering and cool and refreshing. So gorgeous. Gorgeous. There’s not much more that I can say. Try and get your hands on this. It’s hard, but worth it. I’m still on the hunt for DV8.

Britni Rose

New High Resolution bottle pictures of the Spring 2012 China Glaze Prismatic Collection!

Yay! Told you they were coming! WARNING, THEY’RE HUGE! 

Here ya go:

Ray-Diant Greenish-gold shimmer filled with specks of silver, pink, green, orange, and blue.

Full Spectrum | Baby pink bursts into holographic magenta to party with sliver, gold, blue, pink, and green particles.

Liquid Crystal | Bright blue holographic with purple tint dusted with silver, gold, green, pink, and orange.

Optical IllusionAqua green glimmers with a hint of purple filled with pink, yellow, silver, orange and green flecks.

Polarized Silver metallic sheen sprinkled with yellow, pink, orange, and green glitters.

Prism Grape purple holographic gleams with pink shimmer and glitters with pieces of pink, blue, green, orange, silver and gold.


So what you you guys think?!

I’m looking forward to these! Even the pinks and purples look pretty amazing!

Have a nice day!

~ Britni Rose

Dollish Polish | Nice Scrunchy, Heather

I love random polish brand you find along the way. I love it even more when it’s one of the best polishes I own. Seriously, this thing is FLAWLESS. Except the mini-bottle brush and size. Which is oh-so-easily fixable. Dollish Polish is one of the more well known polish mavens on the inter webs. Go buy everything here. Well, if the shop is open. Yeah, that awesome. Here’s some pictures to drool over.

Nice Scrunchy, Heather is a fire orange holographic polish. This picture isn’t too close, this color is a real orange, but leans towards red. While this has the ability to be holographic is sunlight, under normal lighting conditions, it has that same “linear” ring/stripes, but not in rainbow colors, just those fire orange sparkles. It’s amazing really, I don’t think I have another holographic polish that’s as alive as this one. Not sure how…  And his polish has such depth. Anyway, who cares about words. Keep looking and drooling.

See those fire rings? Some light holo-ness to is, but not too much. But do you see how deep this polish looks? Amazing. And the quality of this product is amazing. This was completely opaque in one coat, but this is shown in two. And it applies like buttuh.

Sooooo prettyyyy.

Have a fiery day! Whatever that means….

But seriously, go buy everything from Dollish Polish.

~ Britni Rose

NOTD: Saban Greenhouse

Hello! Stepping away from the fashion stuff for today. I recently ordered some polishes from Etsy sellers Dollish Polish (review coming soon!) and Saban. This one here is from the latter, and I bought two others with it. And one perk from ordering from her? She sends an free bottle of another of her polishes! Completely at random, too! It’s awesome, to say the least. And her polishes are nearly perfect. My only complaint? The mini bottles have short brushes. Honestly, that’s the only complaint. But the formula is so easy to work with that it’s not even a major issue!

Greenhouse is a medium sea foam green shimmer with holographic glitter in it. It’s so hard to describe holographic polishes because you get distracted by the glitter. Or is that just me? Oh well. Greenhouse stays holo even in the lowest of light conditions, and it’s a linear holo, which means it forms and actual rainbow, rather than spotty rainbow chunks. Like I said, application was easy even despite the brush, the color is gorgeous, it dries quickly to a super glossy finish. These are shown with one coat of Fast Forward, but that was just to take away some of the sticky feeling you get when you don’t use one. I’m rambling. Here’s some more pictures.