Lets just get to it!

Lady Gaga: Uhm…. GENIOUS? YES! I get the egg thing, like I get it. But I wanted to see a dress! All week long I was chanting and dreaming “what will Gaga wear?!” and I get… an egg.

Red Carpet Arrival?

I wanted to see a freaking dress! I understand the reborn thing, with the coffin, egg, and performance trio, but after last years Planet Gaga I wanted to see a dress!

Her performance outfit looked kind of… scary nurse with a weird hat thing. But it’s Gaga, and I love it.


And her beautiful acceptance speech bulletproof bubble butt thing. Love the shoulders.

Acceptance for Best Pop Vocal Album

Nicki Minaj

Complete outfit by Givenchy.

Purrr! I love this girl so much! She knows how to get my style meter to rise. She can do no wrong! While I would have loved this in a metallic fabric instead, this leopard print outfit from Givenchy looks amazing! She has the attitude and the beauty to wear this without looking like a freak… and get a close-up of this makeup!

I -LOVE- Bruno Mars!

I mean, HELLO! She’s so pretty!


Dress by Emilio Pucci, shoes by Givenchy, and Lorraine Schwartz jewels

I love this dress! The makeup and hair are perfect, and the dress is absolutely stunning. Only she could wear this!

Katy Perry


Oh, Katy… She wore a custom made Armani Privé dress, Thomas Sabo jewelry, and shoes by Casadei. She looks good, and cute… but Lady Gaga and Nicki upstaged her.

Quick note: the duochrome bottom part of this dress can’t be cut by scizzors or anything. It must be cut by a laser. Not sure why, but it makes it some of the most expensive fabric…

Bruno Mars


You have no idea how in love with him I am. I cannot get over his face. His voice. MMMMMMMMM. Oh, and that suit looks nice too.

Justin Bieber

Suit by D&G.

Justin, you looks spiffy and all, but it doesn’t fit. You have the money to buy another suit when you grow up. Size aside, he looks fanshy!

Kim Kardashian

Dress by Franco Kaufman, jewels by Lorraine Schwartz, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Kim… no, sweetie, no. This dress is bad. When it didn’t fit your butt, you should’ve gone to a backup instead of panic and rush around, then look like crap. Amazing shoes, amazing hair, amazing snake bracelet, bad, bad, dress.

Dianna Agron

Dress by Vivienne Westwood, jewels by House of Lavande, and a Judith Leiber clutch.

I don’t watch Glee, I wanted to, but I lost track. So I had no clue who she was until the SAG awards, in which she showed up with the most beautiful hair and makeup. And ever since then she has been wowing me over and over. Her stylist needs a nice pat on the back.

Kelly Osbourne

Dress by Tadashi Shoji, jewels by Forevermark, shoes by Alexander McQueen.

WOWZERS. I have nothing to say about this. She’s stunning.


Dress by Jean Paul Gaultier

I hate this. It looks like Christmas garland. Blech. Looked fantastic on the runway, not on the red carpet. Granted, if anyone could wear it, it’d be her. But still, this is just a bad dress.

Amber Riley

Dress by Ema Savahl, Charles Albert ring,

Get it girl! She was rocking this! I think that a solid white dress instead of this painted dress would have looked a lot more… rockstar. Instead of miss mashed. Solid black would’ve also looked fabulous, but she wore a solid (amazing) black dress to the SAG awards. A++++++

Florence Welch

Dress by Givenchy

LOOK. AT. THIS. DRESS. I loooove this Givenchy collection. I love this dress, I love how it looks on her, but it could’ve been tailored a lot better. Mostly positive though. I mean, look at that back!

Hayley Williams

Dress by Jeremy Scott, Tacori diamonds, Jerome C. Rousseau shoes.

Uh………………..cute shoes? Not much to say here. The makeup is very much Hayley, she’s gorgeous, but what the hell is she wearing?! Worst dressed on my list.

Miley Cyrus

Dress by Roberto Cavalli, Sergio Rossi shoes, Ofira and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

Ugh. Is her 15 minutes up? She’s trying so hard to show off her new “spiritual dreamcatcher” tattoo. Which means sideboob, trashy dress, crappy hair, etc. Done with this.

Jennifer Lopez

Dress by Emilio Pucci, Louboutin shoes, Cartier jewelry.

Wearing all the staples, Cartier, Louboutin, Pucci… J.Lo is showing us what a Grammy dress is.


Snooki looks AMAZING… for Snooki. But seriously her hair and makeup are so much more ladylike, and her dress, though not good for her body type, was classy and pretty.

Willow Smith

Her own custom outfit with custom Louis Vuitton shoes.

GOD I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL! I have nothing negative to say. What can you say about a nine year old doing her own thing and making it look good? Keep it up. Can’t wait for your new song.

Nicole Kidman

Dress by Jean Paul Gaultier and Fred Leighton vintage jewels.

She has hit her stride. She looks truely happy, and her style reflects that. Her hair, makeup, and styling are ON POINT. One of the best dressed here, and my favorite of the night.

Julianne Hough

Dress by Maladrino, Stuart Weitzman heels, earrings by Bochic, and Jimmy Choo clutch.

She’s not a heavy hitter here, but she looked gorgeous so here she it. B-E-A-U-TIFUL

Jennifer Hudson

Dress by Versace, Neil Lane jewels, Christian Louboutin heels.

I saved the best for last. My God, is she amazing. She’s so beautiful, I’m speechless.

Grammy Review

English class again. The class is in a computer lab where the computers don’t work. Go figure. So, I’m writing this on paper and typing later. I mention this instead of just copying it over, with you none the wiser, because my thoughts could have changed from then to now. (Sidenote: My favorite type of pens are free pens. My favorite free pens are the the Bic Grip Roller and the Bic clicky pens you get from State Farm. lol)

Anyhoo, the Grammys were on Sunday! Woo! I was so impressed. The past few years have been boring. I don’t think Justin Bieber won anything… but he had an awesome performance with Jayden Smith and Usher. I mean, I hate Ushers songs and strongly dislike Biebers music, but they both can entertain the s**t outta me! They can dance very well. And as for Jayden Smith… well, he’s a Smith. Him and Willow are my favorite kid performers. That family can do no wrong.

Lady Gaga: Her performance was AMAZING. I loved the song, she looked “normal.”

KATY! Love her. Her performance made me bawl like a BABY. Ugh, that wedding video? I’m a sucker. lol

So beautiful...

Oh, Rihanna. Besides your crazy red carpet look, you rocked. Drake better not have a girlfriend, or else you’re in trouble, and your Eminem performance was HOT.

That’s it for my performance review; stay tuned for my fashion and red carpet review.