L’Oreal Check Me Out Nail Polish | Swatch, Photos, Review

IMG_0757 IMG_0756

Ah, the clearance rack. Always a good find. Except I spend way too much money. “Oh, this is only $1.50! Oh, this is only $1.50! Oooh, THIS is only $1.50,” next thing I know, I’ve spent $30 and forgot to buy what I went in the store to get in the first place!


Aaaanyway, I got L’Oreal’s Check Me Out while it was on The Almighty Clearance Endcap at Walgreen’s. I hate pink, but this caught my eye, I bought it, came home, and put it on straight away. And you know what? I love it. The formula was very good, it’s super shimmery, but with no threat of frostiness. And it’s shiny all on it’s own. No topcoat in these pictures.


Birchbox | December 2011 — Photos and Review

Hello my pretties! …Wow. That’s wicked witch sorta ruined that phrase for everyone didn’t she? Ugh. What an evil person. I’m better than her. Because I have pictures for everyone to see. Today’s are more catch-up pictures of all my Birchboxes. Only 2 more besides this left! Yeah, progress! Let’s get to it.

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