Lancome Rouge In Love 146 Miss Coquelicot and 381 Violette Coquette


Today I have some Lancome lipsticks for you guys! I just got these after drooling over them for a long while. I couldn’t decide between Violette Coquette or 377 Midnight Rose… I went with Violette Coquette. But it was close.IMG_8549IMG_8550 IMG_8554

146 Miss Coquelicot is a poppy red creme. Super opaque, but it doesn’t sit heavy on the lip. I have, like, continuously dry lips, so they’re always flakey, and most of the Rouge in Love colors just put a spotlight on those problem areas. This one does not.

381 Violette Coquette is a vivid, true purple. This actually is the exact color in the photo- normally purples end up a completely different color. This one, plus my natural lip pigmentation turns it a gorgeous rose color after a while, even though it starts out that bright purple.

The whole Rouge in Love line is extremely comfortable. It claims to have 6 hour wear, but I find it to be more like 4, then a light stain is left for a while. However, I apply a layer, blot, then use my finger to press setting powder over the entire lip and super lightly blending it out, so it is a thin layer of powder setting the color underneath. Then I apply another layer, blot, then I’m on my way. Using this method I can get any lipstick to last at least six hours. When I wore Rouge in Love in 377 Midnight Rose home from work using powder in between layers, it lasted for 14 hours with only a tiny bit of fading around the edges. I had to use two different eye makeup removers to get it off. I thought I had a permanent lip tattoo. So maybe that isn’t the best way to wear these, especially if you plan on changing your lip color sometime in the day!

So, yeah, rambling contained. These lipsticks feel super light, like a balm, just like Lancome claims they do. They don’t dry out my lips, and my lips are suuuper sensitive. The come in a ton of colors, and they have a gorgeous, gorgeous packaging to them. They last a long time, and fade evenly down to a stain. The only downside is that if you have texture to your lips, a la Angelina Jolie, or they’re just temperamental and flaky, a few of the lighter colors, and maybe even some of the darker ones, will make those lines and problems stand out a bit more.

Available: $26.50 at Lancôme counters everywhere. All colors (that they’ve released so far) are all permanent shades.

Britni Rose

China Glaze Summer Neon Collections | Photos and Review

Hello! It’s finally starting to feel like summer here, so it’s only fitting to present you all with the Summer Neons collection from China Glaze. I was sent some of the collection, and out of the five they sent me, I was absolutely surprised in which ones I liked and disliked!

Hang Ten Toes is a warm, deep, neon pink with a brilliant iridescence. These pictures are true to it’s brilliance to the eye. My favorite of the bunch, by far. Even in 1000% humidity it still applied very well, and dried down to a satin/semi-matte finish, like any neon will. This girl is bright, and fun, and so summer. Also, did you notice it was pink? Yeah, I seem to be warming up to shades like this one. It’s one of those colors that give you an instant tan.

Under the Boardwalk is a deep fuchsia creme. Very sheer, this was three coats and near-opaque. It dries down to a “rubber” semi-mette finish. I don’t really care for this one. Application and everything was fine, but I’m just personally not a fan of the finish or the color on my skin.

Ride the Waves is the same finish as Under the Boardwalk, a sheer, deep cobalt blue. Dries to a semi-matte finish, and a good application. The second picture is with four coats.

Orange You Hot? is a neon orange with silver shimmer. The formula on this was atrocious. The picture above was the best I could do. It’s the color of Cheetos or the fake powder stuff in macaroni and cheese. I’ll try thinning this a little bit, and try again. I really wanted to like the color, but we’ll see.

Love’s a Beach is a hot pink shimmer with a spectacular inner glow. The second, blurry picture is just to show off how brilliant this polish is. My second favorite. It’s so bright. SO bright. It near burns your eyes. It’s gorgeous. And it’s pink. I think I should go to the doctors…

Either way, this collection is in stores in June, and retail for $7 a piece. I strongly recommend Hang Ten Toes and Love’s a Beach.

Have a wonderful day!

Britni Rose

(These products were sent to me to review. For more information, please refer to the Disclosure Policy. Thank you.)

China Glaze Announces Its Summer Neons Collection!


YES! There were rumblings of this collection for a while, but I always wait until things are officially announced to get excited. I can’t bear letdowns. ;D I digress, ENJOY! I’m so excited for this collection.

Los Angeles, CA – (May 2012):  The sun has nothing on you this summer!  Rival its brightness and heat with China Glaze® Summer 2012 collection, Summer Neons.  Featuring 12 new sizzling shades perfect for surf, sand and nightlife, the all new hot hues in China Glaze® Summer Neons include:

  • Beach Cruise-r | Glimmering fuchsia grape
  • Flirty Tankini | Shimmer strawberry smoothie pink
  • I’m With the Lifeguard | Glimmering lime green
  • Love’s A Beach | Sizzling hot pink
  • Orange You Hot? | Bright orange with attention grabbing gold glimmer.
  • Pink Plumeria | Light pink with gold shimmer
  • Ride the Waves | Dark ocean blue
  • Splish Splash | Bright sky blue shimmer
  • Sun-Kissed | Hot highlighter yellow
  • Surfin’ for Boys | Glistening bright coral
  • Under the Boardwalk | Fluorescent raspberry
  • Hang-Ten Toes: Bubblegum neon with iridescent purple shimmer (I don’t have a bottle picture of this one.)
This is also available in an 8-piece box collection featuring Under the Boardwalk, Ride the Waves, I’m With the Lifeguard, Sun-Kissed, Orange You Hot?, Surfin’ For Boys, Flirty Tankini, and Pink Plumeria.
Available: June 2012
Price: $7 for open stock, $52 for the 8-piece set. (USD MSRP)
Available in open stock, an 8-piece box set, and as a 12-piece counter display.
And now for the fun part! Here they are, minus Hang-Ten Toes — click through the pictures and see them full-size:

Beach Cruise-r

Flirty Tankini

I’m With the Lifeguard

Love’s A Beach

Orange You Hot?

Pink Plumeria

Ride the Waves

Splish Splash


Surfin’ For Boys

Under the Boardwalk

There they are! Which ones are you most excited about? I’m looking forward to Orange You Hot?, Firty Tankini, I’m With the Lifeguard, Ride the Waves, Splish Splash, Sun-Kissed, and Surfin’ for Boys. I’m excited to get some color into my life! The weather is warming up nicely, and now let’s get some polish to match!

Quick post: China Glaze Celtic Sun

This is just a few quick shots of my current manicure. It’s nothing spectacular because I messed up on the white, but HOT DAMN IS IT BRIGHT. I mean… It almost glows in the dark. It is a driving distraction and I’ve been stopped six times today. It hurts your eyes. Do you get what I’m trying to say yet? I don’t’ think I’ve worn a polish that is this neon. I’ve also never had this much trouble photographing a polish.

Celtic Sun is a gloriously bright neon yellow. It’s the equivalent of drawing on white nails with a highlighter. The problem is… it’s the equivalent of drawing on your nails with a highlighter. It’s super sheer. It’s super thin. It looks like tinted water. Which is an easy fix! Here I did two coats of Sally Hansen White Out and three coats of Celtic Sun, which wasn’t really necessary. One or two would’ve worked. Then a nice topcoat and ta-da!


Have a nice day!

~ Britni Rose

China Glaze Pool Party

I don’t have much to say here exept. NEON PINK. REALLY REALLY NEON PINK.

This isn’t an orangey, coral-y pink whatsoever. This is PINK. Neon Barbie pink. I hate pink, for the most part, but this was so awesome and bright, and really… it was a distraction. Driving hazard. XD

See that bright flash of pink at the bottom of the bottle? It’s that bright. But it’s not that light.

More like it, the bottle color. Also, my “boo boo” is getting better.

HERE WE GO. Finally got the bottle color right. Now make it blindingly bright, and we got something!


Have a bright day!

~ Britni Rose