China Glaze announces New Bohemian, their long-awaited Specialty Collection! | Press Release


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China Glaze® Introduces Six Radiant Luster Chromes for Fall 2012

Los Angeles, CA – (June 2012): Say the word “Bohemian” and most people automatically think bell-bottoms and fringed vests.  Today’s Bohemian look is refined, feminine and carefree, epitomized by fashion icon Nicole Richie’s modern Bohemian look.  China Glaze® gives the free-spirited look a fresh, trendy spin with its latest specialty collection, New BohemianChina Glaze® New Bohemian will leave you mesmerized as the color shifts and moves across the nail, traveling with the light.  The chrome-like finish radiates with high shine and intense color, captivating your senses with every twist and turn.

Push the boundaries of color and fashion with the unconventional collection of six lustrous shades including:

  •  Unpredictable | Multidimensional gorgeous green
  • Rare & Radiant | Extraordinarily rich gold
  • Swanky Silk | Brilliant beige with peach undertones
  • No Plain Jane | Lavish lavender-pink
  • Want My Bawdy | Sexy sapphire blue
  • Deviantly Daring | Adventurously bold peacock teal

The China Glaze® New Bohemian collection will be available at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide in August 2012.  Individual polishes retail for $6.99 MSRP.

 China Glaze is Big Three Free, meaning it is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde. You can get China Glaze at Ulta, Sally’s, and salons. For more information, visit
I cannot WAIT. First, it’s called bohemian. Second, they name dropped my Style Idol Number 2: Nicole Richie (the first being Audrey Hepburn, and we all know they have a polish called For Audrey.), and it’s a way to introduce me to duochromes with an open mind. They got me listening by including Nicole Richie in the press release. I don’t usually like duochrome polishes, but the color combinations with this collection seem to be different than the usual “oh, I’m purple, surprise! Now I’m pink!” duochromes. For the record, the polish I own that I absolutely detest? China Glaze Rainbow. Wore it once and it turned me off of any duochrome.
Everyone save up and keep an eye out! This collection is going to fly off of shelves! I’m saving up now!
Britni Rose

April 2012 Birchbox

Oh goodness, I just have the hardest time keeping up with these! I don’t want to throw them up and do some sort of “first impressions” review — I’m a horrible judge when it comes to first impressions. I can be mean and too harsh. These products are exactly why. I thought, “ugh, I don’t want another lip balm, what am I going to do with yet another cuticle cream in my arsenal?” Yet these are some of my favorite products in this box here. Birchbox always brings out the best in their April boxes, I think. And it’s always their most eco-friendly stuff too, for Earth Day. Lets get to it! As always, click on the pictures for large, high-quality photos.

Birchbox says:

Hi there!

This month, we’re bringing things back down to earth with fresh products that take inspiration from the world around us. You’ll find skincare packed with nourishing natural ingredients (they’re practically good enough to eat), healthy hair products, and an optimistic new fragrance.”

Alima Pure | Organic Nourishing Lipbalm in Rhubarb | Full-size: $7

Both wholesome and chic, this tinted balm is made with pure plant butters and delivers a natural flush of color.

This is an amazing lip balm, and one of my go-to lip products, along with my trusty Jack Black. It has an almost gritty/sandy feeling on the first swipe, but then in warms up and smooths on. It’s super soft, slick, and slightly tinted, and very moisturizing. I used it for two weeks straight when I ran out of Jack Black. It worked just as well. It has a sweet, sort of generic scent, and a generic but inoffensive taste. It does add just a natural touch of sheer color. Also, I believe this may be full size, but I’m not too sure on that.

J.R. Watkins | Hand and Cuticle Salve | Full-size: $7.99 (Birchbox has it on their website as $8.99)

Slather on this creamy balm pre-manicure. It’s full of natural moisturizers to keep your hands and cuticles super soft.

I. Love. This. So much. It’s super-ultra-crazy moisturizing, it’s creamy (slightly oily, but not too bad), and it smells good! This is so much better than Burt’s Bees Cuticle Balm, or anything I’ve tried. As any regular reader of this blog will know, I have the driest cuticles ever. I had a super bad dry spot on my knuckle that I tried for months to get rid of in any possible way. As soon as I opened this I put it on and within a day or two the spot was almost gone. It helps with pushing back cuticles easily, and moisturizing cuticles instantly. It is a tad greasy, so I don’t put it on before bed, but I use it before and after a full manicure. This is .25 oz, and full size is 2.1 oz. This will last for a long time, and I will definitely buy the full size. The value is way more than the cost. $9 for a 3-in-1 product?

Jurlique | Moisture Replenishing Day Cream | Full size: $40

Protect your skin from dryness with this botanical cream, which is infused with rosehip and avocado oils.

This is a very nice cream. Very moisturizing, and very nice quality. However, it’s called a day cream, but there’s no SPF in it, and it’s way too thick and a bit too oily to wear under makeup. This is, however an excellent night cream. Obviously, with rosehip and avocado oils in there, it’s not going to be horrible. I wear this every night over my usual CeraVe PM moisturizer, which is thinner. Adding this cream on top after the moisturizer has sunk in is excellent. I’ve seen noticeable improvement to my skin, and no breakouts related to it. It has that “natural” scent, you know, like the “organic” scent that everything good has. The Weleda moisturizer, Pangea products, and my holy grail hand sanitizer (also by Jurlique), all have similar scents, with Weleda and this cream being near identical. I have to find out what they have in common. It’s a delicious scent that makes you feel good about yourself and your impact on this planet. 🙂 This is a good sized sample, even though it’s a tenth of the full size. Full size is 5oz for $40, while this is 0.5oz. This is a good sized tube that could last a while on it’s own, and I wish they’d sell one this size for $4! The packaging is super clean, which I like. I love the box as well.

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift | Full-size, $49.50 – $59.50

The pop-country songstress’ scent is as catchy as her lyrics. We thing it’s worthy of a standing gig on our vanity.

This smells very good. Very good. I suck at describing scents, and nowhere is it described for me. I’m considering buying a rollerball or something small of this. It has a warm, cozy feel to it. It actually smells how the cardboard packaging above looks. It’s clean and sophisticated while staying warm and “relatable.” Some celebrities come out with scents that make them seem otherworldly, or something like Chanel, which smells expensive. This is something I can see Taylor wearing, or Nicole Richie. (Sidenote: I’m so excited for the upcoming perfumes from Nicole Richie and Lady Gaga! It’d be interesting what they come up with.)

However, while I love the packaging of the cardboard sleeve and the sample tube, I hate the whole charm bracelet and round bottle design of the full size perfume. Not that it’s going to be on display, but those things just bother me.

LIFESTYLE EXTRA: Dropps | Laundry Detergent | Pack of 20: $6

Lighten your laundry day load with these single-use, eco-friendly detergent packs. We love their convenience factor and adorable design.

I haven’t tried these yet, as we’ve just received a front loading HE washer, where as before we had an archaic top-loader for 20 years. I’m still not quite sure how to use it, so I can’t say anything for it, review-wise. However, the design isn’t anything to write home about. The outside packaging is super commercial- it’d blend in at Walmart, and the pacs themselves are extremely simple – the usual clear “skin,” with what appears to be water inside. I’m excited to try this, however, just to see how it works. Remember how, at first, eco-friendly products we’re seen as competitive? They just didn’t have the oomph? Well, they’ve all picked up in the past few years, and I’m realizing that I’m gravitating towards them even more as their price points come down. For a pack of 20, I don’t think I’ll pay $6 yet, but we’ll see.

So, final thoughts? I loved every single product in this box. Every single one. Even though I haven’t tried the Dropps, I love the idea of them. So simple and friendly looking.

Any thoughts on these products? Do you have them? What did you get in your Birchbox recently?

Zoya Harlow | Photos, Reviews, Swatches

So, as it may or may not be known, depending on how you know this blog, I love Good Charlotte. My mother loves Lionel Richie. When Lionel’s daughter, Nicole, started dating Good Charlotte’s lead singer Joel Madden, I just about cried. When I learned that beautiful Nicole was pregnant, I did cry… because that was the day my dream of marrying him died. Now I love his entire family as they are – a family. Little Harlow Winter and even littler Sparrow James have crawled into my heart and made me fall in love. When I learned that my second favorite nail polish brand had a polish named Harlow, I donned my Polish Hunter wig (Shrek reference) and hit the internet. And that’s how we come to this post. This came in the mail the other day and I immediately put it on my digits. And fell in love. I don’t like purple, and I don’t like most pinks, but I love this perfect rose wine color. And it’s matte, which makes it unique and superb.

Then, as Miss Scrangie herself suggested, I put a nice, shiny topcoat on top of this gem and:

(Ring finger) Isn’t it amazing?! Click on the picture to see full size.

It’s a rose wine hybrid mix of awesome gorgeousness. It dries matte, so it dries at the speed of lightning. This was ONE COAT. ONE COAT.

I’d tell y’all to run out and get this polish, but don’t. Because I want to buy them all myself. You can wear this matte for the winter, shiny in the fall, and even in the summer! It’s bright enough to be considered summer-y in MY book. 😀



House of Harlow 1960 “Nicole” Sunglasses in Black

So I won a giveaway from Nicole Richie Fashion and The Trend Boutique, in which they gifted me the most beautiful pair of sunglasses I’ve ever seen. Yes, the HoH1960 “Nicole” Sunglasses in Black. As you may or may not know, House Of Harlow 1960 is designed by the one and only Nicole Richie, named after her adorable daughter, Harlow Winter Kate Richie-Madden. I’m not only a huge fan of Nicole, through my decade long love affair with her husbands’ band, Good Charlotte, but I love her style. It’s like we’re style twins, with her being the good, put together one, where I’m the ‘but-I-tried’, worse off twin. =) As you should know, the Trend Boutique has their own blog here on WordPress! Which you can read here. Now, I have to say, I’m a window/online shopping addict. My grandfather says I have a champagne taste on a wine cooler budget. Which is SO true. So I love surfing their online store and dreaming of my future job that allows me to point, click, and buy almost every single thing on that site. It’s amazing, really. But let’s get to the pictures.

Ahhh. Now I just have to go get some contacts. =D