Stila Eyeshadows in Poppy, Mimosa, and Terracotta | Photos, Swatches, Review

IMG_7256 IMG_7258

Mimosa is a bright fire orange shimmer with lemonade colored glitter particles that show up, mostly in the pan.

Poppy is a robin’s egg blue shimmer that’s just really, really simple and clean.

Terracotta is a vivid, mega-intense, burgundy. It’s too intense, I can’t even. Perfect smokey eye color for green, or maybe even blue eyes.

All three colors are so intensely pigmented, it’s crazy. They’re HUGE, as far as eyeshadows go. They’re magnetic, so they fit perfectly into the magnetic Stila palettes. The only downside of these shadows is that if you want that sheer wash of color for spring or summer, you have to be super light handed. The swatches above are with barely touching the pan, and only swiping once.

Britni Rose


Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus and Roomiest Rose | Swatches, Photos, and Review



Heftiest Hibiscus is an orange-coral, sometimes pure orange in some lighting. It’s super soft and moisturizing, and it really stands out.

Roomiest Rose is a deep, plummy, shimmery rose color. Not as much of a standout as Heftiest Hibiscus. but still super pretty.

These are creamy, opaque, moisturizing, and they last quite a while. There are quite a few more I want, but my wallet won’t let me right now. These are super convenient, portable, and they’ll last quite a while. Clinique has a winner with these Intense Chubby Sticks.

$16 USD at Clinique counters.

Britni Rose


China Glaze Papaya Punch | Swatches, Photos and Review

Hey guys! Today I have a spring orange color today!

China Glaze Papaya Punch is a melon orange color. This photographs pretty much straight orange, but it has a pinkish pull. Not coral, but it’s very melon. There’s a chip in my index finger, but that was there from the beginning, as was the “tip wear.” I think my topcoat or the weather caused some shrinking or something. It’s weird. I don’t know. Maybe it was playing an April Fool’s joke on me.

This is in direct sunlight. You can almost see the “melon” I’m talking about in my pinky here.

This color is so pretty. It’s a little bit different than my other oranges, and it’s very creamy and shiny. It applied very well, and dried quickly. The shrinking or instant chipping(?) may be a new topcoat I used, but I’m not sure. But this is a delicious spring-into-summer color, which was fitting the weather here, but now it’s turned cold again! If you don’t like the weather in Central New York… wait a minute. ;D

Have a wonderful day!

~ Britni Rose

I Won a Contest! Sally Girl Spring 2012 Scented Pastels Collection — Swatches and Review

I won a contest! haha! I entered my cloud manicure to Sally Girl’s Facebook page. And I won! I was so excited. When I got these in the mail I was super excited. I swatched the yellow one first… then I realized that I shouldn’t have. The entire collection is scented. Yellow isn’t lemon – that’d be awesome. Instead it’s one of the 7 scents that make me puke instantly. Banana. The other scents that make me sick are cherry, grape, coconut, and wintergreen. These really are gorgeous colors though. So let’s see them.

Banana | Yep, this one is scented like banana. Strongly. It’s fine if you like the scent, in fact all of them are, just not for me. It smells like that really hard candy that’s shaped like a banana. I think it’s a Wonka candy… the color is pretty. A shimmery pastel yellow. The shimmer is really just a slight pearl. It is pretty. It’s a shame it makes me so sick.

Cherry | Number two on the list of “Scents That Make Britni Sick” is Cherry, which is less of a cherry color and more of a fuchsia. This one had good coverage and the scent wasn’t that bad. But I couldn’t keep this on more than the 5 minutes that it took to paint and picture it. 😦 Another pretty color.

Coconut | Third scent in the collection that is also on my “do not smell” list. But this is a really pretty color. This is a white-blue. What I mean is that it’s like sky blue, but whiter.

Grape | Another scent I can’t stand. This is probably one of my favorites of the bunch though, it’s super creamy and soft. VERY spring. It’s a grayer purple, not very vibrant.

Lime | Yes! A color AND a scent that is irresistible. This smells so delicious. Like a Tic Tac or something. And the color is really close to China Glaze’s Gaga for Green or Tree Hugger in that it’s a yellow based light-medium green. It has gorgeous blue shimmer and is super shiny without topcoat.

Orange | Another super pretty one! The scent is the generic orange scent you get from Pledge or Tic Tacs. This orange is just a basic yellow-leaning neutral orange. This was one of the more opaque ones in the group.

So that’s the collection. The entire collection is super streaky, but it’s not intolerable. All here are shown with two coats, but three would make them mostly opaque. I’ll be keeping Lime and Orange, but the others will be going to a new home, where they’ll be loved by two adorable little girls.

Have a wonderful day!

~ Britni Rose

Dollish Polish | Nice Scrunchy, Heather

I love random polish brand you find along the way. I love it even more when it’s one of the best polishes I own. Seriously, this thing is FLAWLESS. Except the mini-bottle brush and size. Which is oh-so-easily fixable. Dollish Polish is one of the more well known polish mavens on the inter webs. Go buy everything here. Well, if the shop is open. Yeah, that awesome. Here’s some pictures to drool over.

Nice Scrunchy, Heather is a fire orange holographic polish. This picture isn’t too close, this color is a real orange, but leans towards red. While this has the ability to be holographic is sunlight, under normal lighting conditions, it has that same “linear” ring/stripes, but not in rainbow colors, just those fire orange sparkles. It’s amazing really, I don’t think I have another holographic polish that’s as alive as this one. Not sure how…  And his polish has such depth. Anyway, who cares about words. Keep looking and drooling.

See those fire rings? Some light holo-ness to is, but not too much. But do you see how deep this polish looks? Amazing. And the quality of this product is amazing. This was completely opaque in one coat, but this is shown in two. And it applies like buttuh.

Sooooo prettyyyy.

Have a fiery day! Whatever that means….

But seriously, go buy everything from Dollish Polish.

~ Britni Rose

OPI A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find Swatches, Photos, and Review

Hello! Today I have OPI’s orange-fest, iron-wearing, bright-but-not-neon awesomeness that goes by the name “A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find.”

Now, as usual, my camera made my nails — which look perfect to the eye in person right now — look lumpy and sad and my cuticles red and dry and also sad. I promise my cuticles look lush and healthy and the polish is perfectly shaped!

Anyway, onwards! Man-darin is a true orange, and it’s fairly bright, but it’s nowhere near neon status. Just a good, clean true orange. The picture makes it look like it pulls more red, but it’s not. If anything it’s “carrot yellow” … like this here! It applied like butter and has stayed on for FIVE DAYS NOW. I keep wanting to switch to a navy blue, but it’s still perfect, so I don’t want to ruin it. Maybe tomorrow — there’s some tip wear.

I’ve been leaning more towards the oranges and other warmer colors rather than the cool blues this winter. Maybe it’s because it’s January 9th, and there is no snow on the ground! Usually we look like this by now:

But instead we have fresh grass still, some frost on the ground, and we have the problem of flowers and trees blooming already! Even though we’re sure to get pounded with snow soon and they’ll all die. 😦

Well, I’m off to go watch a marathon of House Hunters International! You all have an amazing week, and I’ll be sure to post more! Yay winter break!