Milani goodies!

So, I got a nice little package in the mail from Milani with some super awesome products.

  • Liquif Eye Metallic Eye Liner in Silver
  • Liquif Eye Metalic Eye Liner in Gold
  • Eye Tech Liquid Liner in Brown
  • 3D Glitzy Gloss in Designer Label
  • Baked Blush in Rose D’Oro
Milani LIQUIF EYE Metallic Eye Liner in Silver is an ultra pigmented, ultra creamy, super smooth liner that is crazy long lasting. This is pretty much the most perfect eyeliner I’ve ever used. I thought it’d fade within the hour because it’s so creamy and soft, but it not only lasted 14 hours, but it was kinda hard to remove at night! That’s a plus!
Milani LIQUIF EYE Metallic Eye Liner in Gold same awesome formula as the silver, but I just don’t like this one as much, because it blends in too much with my skin tone. Kind of give my skin a dirty look. But it’s still an awesome long lasting liner that I will use, but I have to think of a way to incorporate it.
Milani EYE TECH Liquid Liner in Brown: Now, I don’t know how I feel about this. I love the color and the pigmentation is fantastic, but I can’t figure out which way to store or hold it because it constantly dries out on my after one eye, and I can’t get it to come back… I don’t know. I’m not in love, shock or awe.
3D Glitzy Gloss in Designer Label is a ultra glitzy (hence the name?) gloss in a gaudy (sorry Milani) tube. I love this gloss like an addict likes crack. It’s like half gone already! It’s a super pretty pink with pink and gold (big!) glitter floating around. I can wear this with just mascara and get so many compliments! Now, the glitter in it is big and sticks around after the gloss disappears, so if your have a thing against Ke$ha (or glitter in general) this may not be your gloss. I personally don’t like glitter, but love this gloss, so I might not try any more of the 3D glosses, but will most definitely try their other lip products.
Milani Baked Blush in Rose D’Oro is a wicked super ultra pigmented blush that is not my usual blush type. I actually have only used this once, but I like it so far, even though I messed up the application, thus no pictures. It’s hard to see in the picture above, but for me it’s an evening blush. It’s very dark.
Also, with this package I got two 3D Holographic Polishes that will be featured in an UBER MEGA CRAZY LARGE nail polish haul. I got HD and Cyberspace.
DISCLAIMER: These products were sent to me either by Milani or their PR companies. For more information see my Disclosure Policy.

China Glaze Tronica Collection: Laser Lime- Swatches, Review, Photos

two coats, one coat Seche Vite, no basecoat

Now we’re rockin’! China Glaze Laser Lime from the Tronica collection, is a bright spring green with holographic glitter. Now, this is a Sally Beauty exclusive, I believe, because instead of getting Anchors Away, Sally is getting Tronica and Treasures. I picked up Laser Lime and Cyberspace. (Along with 8 OTHER POLISHES) as part of their Buy 2, get 1 free sale through April. I immediately put this on, I was so glad to get rid of Essie Borrowed & Blue. This color is… phenominal. Not only in general, but on me. I can’t believe that the Sally Tronica display was FULL. It’s been full for a month or two now! I bought the first ones. And I know why– in the bottle, this look gorgeous, but not holographic at. all. If you bring a bottle over to the window, still no holo. But I figured, it’s still so so pretty in the bottle, with the way the glitter is (how it looks in the picture above) that it’s so worth it. So I only got two from this collection, but will be returning to get the rest of it because, when you hit just the right lighting, you get a full on scattered holographic rainbow in your nails. You mostly can see the yellow and orange due to the base colors warmness, but there are the other ROYGBIV colors in there too. It applied like a dream, I didn’t use a basecoat, and it just glided on and dried, with no issues. I have no lumps, bumps, dents, or bubbles. Perfect polish. I’m so happy.

Final Verdict: Go buy this and the rest of the collection now. But not before I do. Don’t you dare take my polishes. >:D

Essie Borrowed & Blue NOTD– Swatch, Review, Photos

basecoat, two coats, top coat

First off, this is not what’s on my nails now. Why? Because it was a fail. Essie hates me. However, this is one of the prettiest colors I’ve ever seen. Essie Borrowed & Blue is a light, pastel, eggshell blue creme. I’ve been looking at extremely light colors like China Glaze Bahamian Escape and OPI What’s With The Cattitude? I went to Ulta to pick up some of the Shrek collection and missed it by one. day. So, I was wondering aimlessly, mourning the loss of the perfect spring pastel blue, when I spotted the Essie Borrowed & Blue display. There were some pinks and whites, and THIS. This beautiful, pastel bottle of perfection. I ran home and rubbed China Glaze’s GR8 out of existance and put this on.

And that’s about where the awesome stopped. The formula SUCKED. It was so patchy and goopy, even for a thin, even coat. After two coats it became opaque, but it took almost 45 minutes to dry– with a coat of Seche Vite! Then I had to rush around and find my work pants, and totally messed up my pinky nail. So I took it off and tried reapplying with out a basecoat, and guess what? One coat, completely opaque, dried with no issues completely in 10 minutes. (Click on the picture above and compare ring finger to pinky). Now, I had the same exact issue with Nice Is Nice, so I’m going to try that color again with no basecoat. That seems to be the trick.

Final Verdict: Excellent color, opacity, and dry time– with no basecoat. If you use a basecoat, you get a gloopy, messy ick on your nails. (Compare ring finger to pinky)

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipgloss with SPF15 Swatches and Review

Today I got in the mail some AWESOME lip glosses by Rimmel London. These are just two of the new Moisture Renew Lipgloss with SPF15.

Rimmel London says:

THINK: Lipgloss that does it all.

WHAT IT IS: A multi-tasking lip essential. What’s the London look for lips this season? Ultra-glossy pouts in hydrating hues packed with SPF15 for pretty protection. Give your lips the Brit-girl treatment for spring with new Moisture Renew Lipgloss SPF15 from Rimmel London.

Unlike sticky, drying glosses of the past, Moisture Renew from Rimmel London offers beauty with benefits. Chock full of moisture-boosting collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins A, C, and E, this groundbreaking formula reduced dryness by 95% while shielding lips from the sun’s damaging rays with SPF15. Very few lip glosses have the technology to put SPF into their gloss and maintain the shine. Moisture Renew Lipgloss SPF15 is taking it to the next level for smoother lips that mean better shine!

It comes in 14 shades, of which I was sent 2! I recieved Pink Protect, a mauve-pink color with blue, gold, and pink micro glitter in the mix and Pink Spa, a Barbie pink tint with gold micro glitter.

You can get these at any mass market retailer or drugstore including CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart or visit Rimmel London for store locations.

REVIEW: I absolutely love both of them, but Pink Protect is far superior, in my opinion. It’s more my color, it’s less glittery, which is good. The both are super smooth despite the glitter. Both are sheer, but Pink Protect is less so. I will not only rebuy these when they’re undoubtedly gone, but I will be buying more colors from this line.


  • Pink Protect: Perfect balance of sheer and opaque, amazing color, good brush.
  • Pink Spa: Glittery pink goodness!
  • Both: Last forever (for a gloss), the have an amaing flat sponge brush, which I couldn’t get a good picture of.


  • Pink Spa: Doesn’t have as much pigmentation on lips as you’d think.
  • Both have a sunscreen taste and smell, which doesn’t bother me at all, but may bother some. Also, the glitter in both of them haven’t shown themselves on my lips as of yet.

*DISCLOSURE* These products were sent to me for review.


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