Salon Perfect Blooming With Color – Limited Edition Spring Collection

Hi! I have a press release for you today, but it’s by a brand I’ve never tried! These colors, however, look so delicious, I just had to post them. I bring you Salon Perfect’s Blooming with Color collection for this spring!

Los Angeles, CA (April 2012) – Did the cold winter months keep your fingers and toes under wraps?  A fresh manicure with a bright, energetic polish is the perfect pick-me-up to bring your tips and toes out of hibernation.  Bursting with vibrant brights and sweet pastels, the all-new Salon Perfect®Blooming with Color nail polish collection is sure to put a spring in your step!

  • Perfectly PeachDelicate peach
  • Lemon Zing | Sunny Yellow
  • Kiwi Lime | Vibrant green
  • Blue Mint | Cheerful mint
  • Berry Blue | Classic periwinkle
  • Purple Sorbet | Dark lilac
  • Lavender Icing | Soft lilac
  • Spicy Tomato | Juicy red
  • Tangy Tangerine | Tart orange
  • Sour Apples | True blue-green
  • Blue Raspberry | Vivid azure
  • Plum Sorbet | Magenta with purple shimmer
  • Berry Pink | Bold flamingo pink
  • Bubblegum | Honeysuckle pink
Available: May
Where: Walmart stores
Price: $2.98
This is a limited edition collection, so make sure you grab what you can! And for the price, you can’t really go wrong. I’ll be picking up Perfectly Peach, Lemon Zing, Kiwi Lime, Blue Mint, Berry Blue, Sour Apples, Blue Raspberry, and Bubblegum. (Yeah, a few. 🙂 )