Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus and Roomiest Rose | Swatches, Photos, and Review



Heftiest Hibiscus is an orange-coral, sometimes pure orange in some lighting. It’s super soft and moisturizing, and it really stands out.

Roomiest Rose is a deep, plummy, shimmery rose color. Not as much of a standout as Heftiest Hibiscus. but still super pretty.

These are creamy, opaque, moisturizing, and they last quite a while. There are quite a few more I want, but my wallet won’t let me right now. These are super convenient, portable, and they’ll last quite a while. Clinique has a winner with these Intense Chubby Sticks.

$16 USD at Clinique counters.

Britni Rose


China Glaze Avant Garden | Swatches, Photos, and Review

Hey guys! Another quick post! I got ahold of the Avant Garden collection- FINALLY. I feel like I’m so behind on getting these polishes! I haven’t even had time to shop. There must be something wrong with me! Anyway, I finally just gave up and ordered them on TransDesign. I only wanted seven of the collection, so I just got all seven at once.

IMG_8276 Budding Romance, Dandy Lyin’ Around, Fancy PantsIMG_8296Keep Calm, Paint On, Mimosas Before Manis, Snap My Dragon, Sunday Funday

IMG_8318 IMG_8319

Budding Romance is a dirty, dark spring green. A little more dirty/olive than grass green. I’d be willing to say Army Olive Drab? It seems to have an almost jelly finish in photos, but it looks like an opaque creamy shiny goodness.

IMG_8330 IMG_8331Dandy Lyin’ Around is a bright, true, shimmery white. This and Keep Calm, Paint On were the two in this collection I needed right off the bat, before even seeing swatches online. And I was not disappointed. The formula on this is great. Not even for a white or a pastel, but a good formula in general. Only the absolute slightest of streaking. So shimmery and pretty and *sigh* perfect.

IMG_8337 IMG_8338Fancy Pants is a indigo purple creme with tons and tons of pink, light blue, and gold(?) shimmer. So freaking gorgeous. Perfect formula. One coat.

GUYS. GUYS. I bought a purple. I. Bought. A. Purple. It’s just too pretty. I don’t even have words.

IMG_8341 IMG_8350

Keep Calm, Paint On is a pastel sage/mint color with near-white light blue-green shimmer. So pretty. Again, no words. Much more flattering on my skin in person, vs. flash. The formula was just okay. I mean, better than their other spring mint, Re-Fresh Mint by far. But still iffy. The shimmer helped, I think. Still, it was worth it. Two coats. Also, great (historical) name!

IMG_8351 IMG_8356 IMG_8352

Mimosas Before Manis is my favorite of the collection. It’s a perfect coral/melon with tangerine shimmer. Just look at that perfection. The formula was flawless. In love.

IMG_8359 IMG_8360

Snap My Dragon is a neutral red with hot pink crazy shimmer. SO glowy and soft and pretty. Again, let the pictures talk.

GUYS. GUYS. I bought a red. I. Bought. A. Red.

IMG_8363 IMG_8365

Sunday Funday is a color I wish I had liked more. It’s a sky blue with a sheer-ish, streaky formula. It runs straight to your cuticles. It’s darker in person, it looks neon here. It’s like the color in the bottle near the sticker tag. I wish it were neon. It just doesn’t stand up compared to the previous ones.

Overall, great collection. Sunday Funday wasn’t up to par with the others, but is still a good polish in the end. Have you gotten any of this collection?

Britni Rose

Spring 2013 | Estée Lauder Dilettante Nail Polish | Photos, Swatches, and Review

Hi everyone! I hope you had a good and safe holiday! Today I have a polish from Estée Lauder from their Spring 2013 collection called Dilettante. I put this on at work quickly, and figured I’d photograph it before I messed it all up.



Dillettante is a gorgeous bright sky blue. The photo above is without topcoat. This polish dries down to a wicked glossy finish. Absolutely gorgeous. However, getting there is a bit of a pain. The formula is wicked streaky, uneven, and kind of thick. Not even after a while does it level out. It’s super iffy. I added a coat of China Glaze Fast Dry Top Coat to see if that’d help. It didn’t, really.



This is with topcoat. You can see the unevenness here, especially on my ring finger. The color in this picture is a little lighter than in real life.



This is more like it’s off-camera appearance. At first I really felt it was close to China Glaze For Audrey, but it’s more like OPI What’s with the Cattitude from the Shrek collection. Zoya Robin is more… intense(?). I guess that’s the word. For Audrey is too green, but only ever so slightly so.

I’m going to go finish cleaning the Christmas aftermath disaster zone that is my house. Have a great day!