Wet N Wild Fergie Collection Nail Polish: Glowstick | Swatches, Photos, Review


Glowstick is a bright lime green with gold shimmer.


The picture above shows some visible nail line and brushstrokes, which you can’t see in person. This color is so, so, so pretty! It’s so bright, and the formula is so nice. It’s like butter. And the price?! I’ll be buying more of Fergie’s collection with Wet N Wild. Not only does WnW have their A-game out, but Fergie is just such a girl after my own heart. I don’t hold extremely high hopes for the more boring polishes in the collection, but we’ll just have to see for ourselves, won’t we?

Britni Rose


Wet N Wild Silvivor | Photos and Review

Hi guys! Today I have an “old” polish. Remember Wet N Wild’s collection based on TV shows? It’s still in stores, but people have already moved on. Well, I bought practically the whole collection, and completely forgot about the random silver one. The other day I was re-organizing my nail polishes (again) and came across this. Based on the icy cold, bleak, rainy weather we were having, I wanted a bright cheery color that fit in with the season, and voila!

Wet N Wild Silvivor is a super bright silver foil. This baby is practically a mirror. This applied pretty thin on the first coat, opaque but somewhat dull on the second coat, and vibrant and foil-tastic on the third. I don’t usually have to do three coats on a foil, but this is way worth it. Sure, there are plenty of silver foils out there, but this is probably the most accessible and affordable from a quality brand. Not everyone has a store that sells Color Club in their backyard. 🙂

Now… when I say this is near-mirror status, I’m serious. There’s no real “reflection,” but it picks up shapes and colors. It’s crazy. The only problem I have with this is… it’s silver. Silver never looks good on me. I’m a gold/bronze type of girl. Silver picks up all of the blotches in my confused Italian-Irish skin. 😉

In other news, my hands have been in cuticle rehab — no polish, exposure to harsh chemicals, and no neglect for an entire week. It’s paying off. They were in a tragic state after swatching the Salon Perfect Blossoming with Color collection and the horrible weather lately. My hands are so dry still, but my cuticles aren’t threatening to quit. So… yaaay! If I’m absent for a period of time, it’s because I’m only about three weeks from graduating college! I’ve had almost no time to do anything, and while it’s exhausting, it’s nice to be busy.


I hope you guys have a wonderful, wonderful day.

~ Britni Rose


OPI Oh So Glam is a sheer white with gold iridescence. It’s super pretty, but it takes quite some coats in order to build it up to semi-opaqueness. It’s not a crazy white, it’s super subtle, great for office wear.

OPI Rising Star is a gorgeous copper. It’s almost an EXACT dupe of Revlon’s Limited Edition Copper Gleam. The only difference is Rising Star has sparse gold glitter in it, which you can see really well in this picture.

Revlon Jelly is the strangest color. This picture makes it look like a hot pink, which it is. But it’s also a crazy hot red. And maybe even orange. It’s a mix of all three. It definitely a warm hot pink, either way. My mom got this from a work meeting, so I got it for “free.” I haven’t put this on my nails yet, I’m waiting for summer, but when I’ll do I’ll still post it as a review sample.

Revlon Vintage is–in the bottle– one of my favorite colors. The perfect red-violet cranberry, burgundy, type color. On the nail it’s slightly darker than the bottle color. I didn’t like it on nail as much as I did in the bottle. I still love its name, and all Revlon colors are FANTASTIC for Konad.

Sally Hansen Cafe Au Lait was added to my collection while I was in search of the perfect nude, “mannequin hands,” color. This is super close, but my skin tone underneath it makes it look just the slightest bit peachy, as you can see here. It’s super close to my match.

Sephora Dragee is a super sheer pink, it’s french manicure pink. It’s nothing special. Just a little wash of color.

Sinful Colors Why Not is a super light blue. Not robin egg blue, like OPI’s What’s With The Cattitude. This is BLUE. It’s aqua. It’s gorgeous. This picture is true to color. It’s crazy opaque too. One of my favorite polishes ever. It’s so BOLD. Love. Love. Love. I’m going to do a polish change to this one tonight.

Ulta Professional  Angel Baby is an opaque white creme. It’s just a white I decided to pick up. I already have Sinful Colors Snow Me White, which is identical in pure white-ness. However, Snow Me White applies WAY better than Ultas white. That, and Angel Baby like, never, ever dries. I had so many dings, dents and fingerprints, that I never photographed it. Go buy Sinful Color Snow Me White, it’s better, and cheaper!

Ulta Professional Femme Fatale is a dark plum shimmer. It’s pretty, great pigmentation, completely opaque in two coats, applied well. looks super pretty under white crackle.

Ulta Lotsa Luxe is a gold metallic. It’s a pale gold. I wore this in my OPI Black Crackle NOTD, two posts ago. It looks FANTASTIC under Black Shatter, and it was beautiful. However, on its own, on me, it’s completely unflattering, old, and gross. However, if someone with a darker skin tone or hell, even a tan, were to wear this, it would pop and look phenomenal. I’m way too pale for this color. It makes everything worse. I will keep it and love it for Konading and crackle polishes.

Wet N Wild Hannah Pinktana is from their super cute, amazing collection where everything is named after a TV show. I own Teal Of Fortune (Blue and gold glitter), Ebony Hates Chris (black creme), Gray’s Anatomy (silver, purple, grey, green, and blue duochrome), Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire, and Hannah Pinktana. This is a gorgeous purple base — not pink as the name suggests — with packed glitter with holographic prisms thrown in there too. It’s truly gorgeous, but I haven’t had the honor of wearing it yet. I hope I can assume it’ll be just as amazing as Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire, which applied amazing for such a dense glitter. Removal is a pain of course, but it’s all totally worth it.

Zoya Carrie Ann is a medium red shimmer. It’s pretty, it’s my first Zoya, but I really don’t like reds. BUT THEY WERE ON CLEARANCE. Application is great, completely opaque in two coats.

Zoya Kristi is a medium red creme, it’s basically the color of a tomato. It’s pretty, but as I stated above, I’m not a red lover. Application is great, opaque in it’s tomatoey goodness in just two coats, nice and glossy.

Well, that’s is for this haul… until next time, enjoy!