Some Zoya Spoons I Got

I’m writing this just as the Giants won the SuperBowl. Yay!

Just got some Zoya Color Spoons. If you don’t know about them, they’re magic little spoons filled with nail polish. You get them for $.50 each, with free shipping, and the fifty cents you spend credits towards your next Zoya purchase online. So… basically swatches… for free… with credits towards full size polishes. Can’t hate it.

From left to right: Tosca, America, Paz, Ali, Renee, and Katy.

From these six, I’ve decided I want Paz, Ali, and maybe Renee. I love neons.

From left to right: Purity, Megan, Kendal, Avery, Carey, Kennedy

I like Purity, Megan, Carey, and Kennedy. I think I’ll pass on Kendal…

From left to right: Kotori, Indigo, Crystal, Tallulah, Ibiza, and Kristen

Here’s the blues! I want Kotori, Indigo, Ibiza, and Kristen.

From left to right: Ginessa, Karina, Julieanne, Cheryl, Raven, and Envy

I want Ginessa, Julieanne, Raven, and Envy. I think I’ll skip Karina and Cheryl.

Midori, Pippa, Creamy, Goldie

I want Midori and Goldie, but the yellows? I’m going to have to do some research. I know one has a much better formula, but I can’t remember.


So see? Isn’t that cool? You get practically free swatches, and the 50 cents you pay credits towards a polish! Not to mention they come is neat pouches to keep everything organized.


Have a nice day!

~ Britni Rose