China Glaze Running In Circles from the Cirque du Soleil Collection | Swatches, Photos, and Review

Quick post tonight, this is Running In Circles from the recent Cirque collection. I love this entire collection. Except that cupcake looking one that everyone was obsessed with.

IMG_7313 IMG_7314

Running In Circles is a grass green glitter with lighter green and emerald glitter thrown in. Super sparkly. Beyond gorgeous. Perfect formula, I believe this was just two coats.

IMG_7315CHINA GLAZE Running in Circles VS. Zoya Ivanka | RiC on index and ring finger, Ivanka on middle and pinkie.

I really thought they’d be more similar, but it turns out they’re nothing alike. I thought the green was the same, but Ivanka is way more blue based, and obviously is Zoya’s signature  “sparkle” finish. I believe owning both is justified and both of these are probably my two favorite greens I own.

Britni Rose



Zoya Charla – Matte! NOTM | Photos and Review

A quick post from a while ago. I’m still trying to play catch-up with you guys. I’ve been so out of it these past few weeks. Major shakeups at work, as well as getting two or three new jobs. Unfortunately, that means that this blog has fallen by the wayside. But now I think that everything is in order – at least for now. I have a bunch of stuff to post, including China Glazes’ On Safari collection, even though it’s almost Holiday season… I’m even going to try and review some fragrances as well.

So today for you I have Zoya Charla, which I cannot believe I haven’t had on here before! Ivanka and Charla are probably my favorite polishes from Zoya. Charla is a blue teal with golden shimmer. This color was last years “Chanel Peridot,” in that there were a thousand versions of the same color. One I can name off the top of my head is O.P.I. Catch Me In Your Net.

I wore this a few weeks back and decided to mix it up by applying a coat of Essie Matte About You.

It gave it that wonderful velvety sexy look to the glitter polish. It looked frosted and perfect. Obviously, with it being a matte polish now, it chipped fairly quickly, but that’s life.

Zoya Charla or any one of its twins are a must have. I prefer Zoya’s version more than any others. Ivanka, though, is a must have.

Zoya Ivanka | Reviews, Photos, Swatches

This pretty little girls name is Ivanka.

COLOR: She’s a deep true green, leaning towards blue, with golden shimmer. When the light hits it, it almost looks like a foil. She’s pretty. Really pretty.

APPLICATION: Application was great. This was three coats for full opaqueness.

WEAR: I’m using my brand new Nubar Foundation and Diamont, so I can’t say too much on the wear. I took this picture today, the third day of wear. As you can see, there’s some pretty good tip wear.