Zoya Wednesday | Photos, Swatches, Review

IMG_7316I won’t take up too much of your time on this one. Zoya Wednesday is a green turquoise. The formula is watery but weirdly thick. There’s no way to get it even, and I don’t like it. Essie Turquoise and Caicos is extremely similar with a much better formula. Lancome Ultramarine Green is more blue.



Zoya Song | Photos, Swatches, Review

IMG_7822 IMG_7823Zoya Song is the most gorgeous sapphire blue shimmer in the world. In person it’s more of a deep sapphire, but when the light, and definitely when the flash hits it, it explodes into this gorgeous bright cobalt shimmer. It’s so unbelievably stunning. And to top it off? What you see above is ONE COAT. It applies like butter, and it lasts forever. This, my friends, is Zoya at it’s prime. If I could have this exact formula and finish in every single color, that’d be great. I believe this was from the Ornate collection as well, though don’t quote me on that. If it is, than Ornate is definitely one of the best collections ever released.

Britni Rose


Zoya Aurora | Photos, Swatches, Review

Once again, I’m going to rapid-post to try and catch up with myself. I’ve been swatching all along, but have had zero time to blog. Here’s Aurora from Zoya’s Ornate collection.

IMG_7718 IMG_7719


Aurora is a red berry with scattered, fairly good sized holographic glitter pieces. It’s not a condensed or well-established holo, it’s just a really, really nice sparkle that explodes with color when it hits the light. One of my all-time favorites. Excellent formula as well. A must-have in my opinion.

IMG_7760 IMG_7761

This is after four days of wear with one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward.

Britni Rose

Zoya Swatches: Aurora, Song, and Wednesday | Swatches, Review, and Photos

Hey guys! A few Zoya’s I’ve gotten recently. Part of their three-free deal where you just pay shipping? Yeah, that one.

IMG_7718 IMG_7719 IMG_7760 IMG_7761

Aurora is a red violet jelly with lots of holographic glitter. It’s so sparkly, and even when the holographic properties are hidden, the silver glitter that’s left is super noticable and pretty. It’s a cool polish, no matter what light you’re in. This is just a really, really nice polish. Also,  the last two pictures are after four days wear and just one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat.




Song is a dark cobalt blue to the naked eye, but when light hits that shimmer? OH MY GOD. This is the best nail polish of all time, ever. The application was better than butter, I had literally no cleanup, it was so creamy and gorgeous. It only gets better as it lights up on camera. Seriously, guys, just go buy this. NOW. ASAP. Ugh. So pretty.IMG_7316Wednesday is a green turquoise, not too unlike Mermaid Tears from OPI, but Mermaid Tears is dustier. There’s a bit of fan issue with the formula, in case you didn’t notice. It’s too thick, but it’s also watery at the same time. It’s thick, but not creamy, I guess is what I’m trying to say. It’s hard to keep it off your cuticles, and it’s so, so uneven. You’d have to do like five of the worlds thinest coats to have this behave. I also have it’s sister in the collection, Zuza. Which I haven’t tried yet, I don’t think.

Alright guys. Go buy Song and maybe even Aurora, stat. You can skip Wednesday, though. I also bought Logan from the Ornate collection (I think that’s what Aurora is from?), but I still need to get Storm, Blaze, and Ziv.

Britni Rose


China Glaze Running In Circles from the Cirque du Soleil Collection | Swatches, Photos, and Review

Quick post tonight, this is Running In Circles from the recent Cirque collection. I love this entire collection. Except that cupcake looking one that everyone was obsessed with.

IMG_7313 IMG_7314

Running In Circles is a grass green glitter with lighter green and emerald glitter thrown in. Super sparkly. Beyond gorgeous. Perfect formula, I believe this was just two coats.

IMG_7315CHINA GLAZE Running in Circles VS. Zoya Ivanka | RiC on index and ring finger, Ivanka on middle and pinkie.

I really thought they’d be more similar, but it turns out they’re nothing alike. I thought the green was the same, but Ivanka is way more blue based, and obviously is Zoya’s signature  “sparkle” finish. I believe owning both is justified and both of these are probably my two favorite greens I own.

Britni Rose


Zoya Charla – Matte! NOTM | Photos and Review

A quick post from a while ago. I’m still trying to play catch-up with you guys. I’ve been so out of it these past few weeks. Major shakeups at work, as well as getting two or three new jobs. Unfortunately, that means that this blog has fallen by the wayside. But now I think that everything is in order – at least for now. I have a bunch of stuff to post, including China Glazes’ On Safari collection, even though it’s almost Holiday season… I’m even going to try and review some fragrances as well.

So today for you I have Zoya Charla, which I cannot believe I haven’t had on here before! Ivanka and Charla are probably my favorite polishes from Zoya. Charla is a blue teal with golden shimmer. This color was last years “Chanel Peridot,” in that there were a thousand versions of the same color. One I can name off the top of my head is O.P.I. Catch Me In Your Net.

I wore this a few weeks back and decided to mix it up by applying a coat of Essie Matte About You.

It gave it that wonderful velvety sexy look to the glitter polish. It looked frosted and perfect. Obviously, with it being a matte polish now, it chipped fairly quickly, but that’s life.

Zoya Charla or any one of its twins are a must have. I prefer Zoya’s version more than any others. Ivanka, though, is a must have.

Birchbox | November 2011

Hi! Another “catch up” Birchbox post! Today’s is November 2011.

Birchbox says:

Hi there,

It’s better to give than to receive, but who says you can’t do both? This month, we’re helping you get a head start on your holiday planning with a collection of gift-worthy products. Try them and let them inspire your own present plans… and we promos not to tell if you but them for yourself!

Klorane | Soothing Eye Makeup Remover with Cornflower | Full size: 3.4oz, $9

Infused with French cornflower extracts, this formula is designed for even the most sensitive eyes.

I’m going to start this off with a packaging fangirl moment. How beautiful is this packaging?! A sapphire blue bottle, a simple white cap, and a pretty wrap. So simple and luxurious. Okay. I like this makeup remover, it’s smooth and gentle and it smells good. I only tried this like 3 or 4 times, because I started having a reaction. My mom loves it though. It’s a fantastic makeup remover.

LaROCCA Skincare | Champagne & Shimmer Body Polish | Full size: 6.76oz, $35

Call us indulgent, but we love this glam scrub, featuring 24K colloidal gold.

This smells good, and has a jelly texture. It reminds me of apricot jam or something, it’s scent and texture. It smells expensive. I haven’t tried it yet, but I might tonight.

Oscar Blandi | Jasmine Protein Mist | Full size: 250ml, $18

Celeb stylist Oscar Blandi’s secret weapon: this leave-in spray protects, fortifies, and revives damp or dry strands.

Hello, beautiful, delicious-smelling spray. This bottle is empty. It’s a milky white spray that smells absolutely devine. I’ll be buying the full size very soon. It made my hair so light and fluffy and shiny and soft without weighing it down or leaving it frizzy. And it smells amazing. Did I mention that? Try this as soon as you can.

Zoya | Nail Polish in Noel | Full size: 0.5 oz, $8

This shimmery denim shade from Zoya’s holiday 2011 collection fits just right – just like your favorite blue jeans.

I’ve reviewed this before, I swear. But apparently not. It’s a foil-y, shimmery blue with a strong silver effect. It’s pretty, but I wasn’t wowed. You guys must know by now that I love color.

TREAT: Chuao Chocolatier | Firecracker Chocopod | Full size: 2.8oz, $6

Spicy and sweet, these artisinal dark chocolate treats are laced with chipotle and popping candy.

This didn’t even make it until the rest of the products were out of the box. It didn’t stand a chance. It was good. I think. It was strange, it’s hard to tell. It’s a rich dark chocolate, and that’s what you taste first. Then it’s like someone threw in some Pop Rocks. Then once you swallow, you get a lot of heat from the chipotle. It was the most different chocolate I’ve ever eaten.

EXTRA: Baublebar Bracelet

I got an option from Birchbox that month to get a free Baublebar bracelet. Well, I’m not gonna say no! And turns out I LOVE IT. I wear it very very often. Love, love, love, love it.

That’s all for November. Some strong products in this box. Love when it’s a strong month.

Have a fantastic, wonderful, perfect day!

~ Britni Rose

July 2011 Birchbox | Photos and Review

This is a little late, right? Ooops. Well, let’s not waste any time…

First off, this months box was designed by the one and only Cynthia Rowley. While the box is the same, it came with a groovy sleeve. It was also one of the best BBs to date. Let’s look at what’s inside.

Ahava | Mineral Hand Cream | Full size: 3.4oz, $20

Loaded with Dead Sea minerals, this fast-absorbing cream heals dry hands without a smudge of residue.

I really like this for nighttime. It can have a bit of a strong scent at times. Not a bad scent, just one that could overpower my perfume. It is really moisturizing though, and it does absorb really quick. Right now I have a lotion that I like to use before bed, but should I ever need a backup or an alternative, I think I’ll use this one. I do like the use of more natural ingredients, so that’s always a plus. Packaging is simple, informative and clean.


philosophy | purity made simple one-step facial cleanser | Full size: 8oz, $20 or 160z, $32.

This perennial award winner is pH-balanced to gently clear away dirt, oil, and makeup without drying out skin.

Well, I want to like this, I really do. But my face doesn’t. It stings. I don’t get it. But oh well. It works for a lot of people, and that shows it’s quality.

Redken | shine flash | Full size: 4.4oz, $17

A must for all Cynthia’s runway shows, this weightless spray gives hair a brilliant finish.

What’s with no one capitalizing their product names… I like it, but it’s confusing. I’ve only used this once, and it does add some shine, but I didn’t use much, so I don’t know it’s full effect. It kind of scared me.

Zoya | Touch Collection Nail Polish in Shay | Full size: 0.5 fl oz: $8.

Neutral gets a sexy makeover in this creamy, slightly metallic nude. The perfect accessory to summer’s bright fashions.

I like this polish.I don’t love it. It’s a neutral, and there are prettier neutrals. It’s nice though. I don’t know.

EXTRA: Kind | Almond & Apricot |

Snack right with this wholesome bar — no preservatives or hard-to-pronounce ingredients.

“They are my favs! I always have one in my bag just in case.” – Cynthia Rowley

I have not eaten this. It looks… pointy. I like the idea of it though. Dairy, Gluten, and Wheat free? Yep. Love it.

So that’s it for the July Birchbox, It has a nice shine spray, hand lotion, and nail polish. Next up: August 2011 Birchbox.

Fingerpaints Motley over Zoya Cynthia | Photos and Review

Hi guys! Today I have the best manicure ever. Maybe not ever. But definitely the most interesting in recent history.

Zoya Cynthia is a midnight blue dusty-looking creme. But obviously this isn’t about the base color. This is about the glitterhappyvomit that is Fingerpaints Motley. A blue and green flakie? I can’t even. Both polishes applied perfectly, but notice I didn’t wrap my tips. This is because I have more Electropop swatches coming up. And I can’t form any words to explain how gorgeous this is. It’s so deep in person. So now I’m going to shut up. Here’s some pictures.

Blue fire? Is that possible?

Some green peeking through.

Here’s a close up. It’s kind of cool how you can see the scratches in my topcoat.

~ Britni Rose

Some Zoya Spoons I Got

I’m writing this just as the Giants won the SuperBowl. Yay!

Just got some Zoya Color Spoons. If you don’t know about them, they’re magic little spoons filled with nail polish. You get them for $.50 each, with free shipping, and the fifty cents you spend credits towards your next Zoya purchase online. So… basically swatches… for free… with credits towards full size polishes. Can’t hate it.

From left to right: Tosca, America, Paz, Ali, Renee, and Katy.

From these six, I’ve decided I want Paz, Ali, and maybe Renee. I love neons.

From left to right: Purity, Megan, Kendal, Avery, Carey, Kennedy

I like Purity, Megan, Carey, and Kennedy. I think I’ll pass on Kendal…

From left to right: Kotori, Indigo, Crystal, Tallulah, Ibiza, and Kristen

Here’s the blues! I want Kotori, Indigo, Ibiza, and Kristen.

From left to right: Ginessa, Karina, Julieanne, Cheryl, Raven, and Envy

I want Ginessa, Julieanne, Raven, and Envy. I think I’ll skip Karina and Cheryl.

Midori, Pippa, Creamy, Goldie

I want Midori and Goldie, but the yellows? I’m going to have to do some research. I know one has a much better formula, but I can’t remember.


So see? Isn’t that cool? You get practically free swatches, and the 50 cents you pay credits towards a polish! Not to mention they come is neat pouches to keep everything organized.


Have a nice day!

~ Britni Rose