May 2012 Birchbox


Today I have my Birchbox from May, which has a super awesome theme! It’s a GOSSIP GIRL box!

Algenist | Complete Eye Renewal Balm | Full-size: $65

Dark circles don’t stand a chance against this rich eye cream, which softens fine lines and deflates puffiness with a unique microalgae compound.

Another skincare product! I have to admit, I have no knowledge of eye creams or skincare at all. This balm feels nice, and it hydrates well, but I didn’t really see any reduction in dark circles, though mine are incredibly stubborn, and I don’t have any lines yet. It’s nice, but I won’t pay $65 for it. I just don’t need it. It smells delicious though, and has a great texture. The sample will last a while.

Color Club | Nail Polish in Disco Nap | Full-size: $8

Give nails a gilded look with this luxe metallic polish.

This is a nice blonde gold foil, nothing incredibly special, but nice.

The formula was nice, but the color just isn’t too flattering on me. It acts against the yellow in my skin, and pulls out the red blotches. Nice foil finish with some sparkles.

Dr. Jart + | Waterfuse BB Cream | Full-size: $32

Think of this four-in-one moisturizer, serum, sunscreen, and skin-perfecting tint as the (extremely stylish) Swiss Army Knife of your beauty lineup.

I’ve never tried a BB Cream before, so this is my first experience. First, there wasn’t much product in here, the tiny tube was half empty so I only got to try this once, and I didn’t really have a learning curve. This is pretty thick, it was pretty much a paste, and it never really settled in, but it had a nice finish and looked nice and bright. I haven’t been able to try a BB Cream for an extended length of time yet, so I don’t really “get it” yet.

Ojon | volume advance™ Volumizing Shampoo | Full-size: $22

Made with ultra nourishing Central American ojon oil, this weightless shampoo helps hair look and feel thicker.

I haven’t tried this yet, I forgot about it. But it smells wonderful, and I have some hope for it.

The packaging from this month was special! Pink and yellow bright tissue paper, and a black NYC wrap around the box, as well as a black and pink mailing box, rather than the usual pink and white. The description card was super sleek, with Blair, Blake, and Lily on the front, with NYC lights behind them, and on the back is a light pink with the same lights.

The mailing box looked SO sleek. I was sad to recycle it. I’m a packaging hoarder.

The wrap that slides off of the box. SO. GORGEOUS. I want this picture up on my wall. Without the logos, of course.


That’s it for May 2012!


Britni Rose


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